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Welcome to the HTML guide for my Minecraft Pokémon map. Here you will find details on things you will encounter and how to treat them.

This section lists various obstacles you will encounter while exploring this map. Also refer to the other tabs above for additional information.

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Wooden stairs represent the small one-way ledges you can hop over in the games. In this map, you are only allowed to walk over them in the direction they are pointing (i.e., walk over them without jumping).


Gravel represents cliffs or slopes that you are not allowed to cross over.


Occasionally you will find a ledge that does not have gravel along the edge. In general, you are not allowed to move up or down unless there are stairs. You are never allowed to jump down two or more blocks.

Known exceptions: The route west of Lumiose City in Kalos has a grassy uphill path you are allowed to jump up. In Unova, the Desert Resort has dunes and the route west of Lacunosa Town has grassy hills you are allowed to walk on.

Tall Grass

This represents tall grass in the game, where you can encounter Wild Pokémon. Currently doesn't do anything in the map, though.

Story Signs

Generally, signs with blue text require certain accomplishments to pass. For example, having beaten a certain gym, or obtaining a certain item.

Wild grass

Raised/lowered areas full of tall grass like this are usually not able to be entered or walked on. Some areas do have tall grass, sugar cane, or tall flowers and can be walked through. A general rule of thumb is that the area is off-limits if you have to jump or fall to reach it.

Water Barriers

These simply denote the edge of a water route. Some simpler water routes may omit these. Just don't swim too far out.


Ice acts just like it does in the games: when you step on ice, you must continue walking straight until you land on a non-ice block or hit a wall or obstacle.


Random, small patches of ice on routes simply represent puddles of water. You don't have to treat them like the above ice.

Berry Patches

These represent the patches of loamy soil that you can plant berries in in the games. Doesn't do anything in this map.

Muddy Slopes

Nether brick stairs represent muddy slopes that can only be slid down, not climbed up. Once you receive the bicycle in the current region, you can traverse the slopes freely.

Thin Rails

Occasionally you may come across a thin 'bridge' made of fences. These represent the thin rails in Hoenn and Sinnoh that require a bicycle to cross.

Skate Rails

In Kalos, you will come across long lines of iron bars. These are rails that can be skated along to reach new areas - but only downhill or on level rails, you cannot skate uphill.

Hop Stones

In Kalos, you will also come across patches of cobblestone fences like this. Just hop from stone to stone (but not diagonally) to traverse them.

This section lists obstacles that are related to an HM. All of the obstacles here can be bypassed once you find the appropriate HM and gym badge required to use it.


You are not allowed to enter (or jump over!) water unless you have the current region's Surf HM and the badge required to use it.

Cut Bushes

You are only allowed to pass these bushes if you have the current region's Cut HM and the badge required to use it. Please don't actually cut it down, just walk over it! (unless you don't care about keeping the map multiplayer-friendly, of course)

Rock Smash

Mushrooms in pots represent rocks that can be smashed with Rock Smash. Functions identically to the Cut bushes above, but requires the Rock Smash HM and the corresponding badge in the current region.

Dark Caves

If you walk into a cave and it's too dark to see, it means you haven't gotten that region's Flash HM and Gym Badge yet! You can still navigate the cave, but it will be much harder.


Whirlpools are represented by a sign stuck in water to create a 'hole'. You need the Whirlpool HM and the corresponding badge to use it in the current region.


After you receive the Waterfall HM and the corresponding Badge, you may climb waterfalls.

Dive Spots

Lone lilypads in the water represent areas where you can dive. Some areas can only be accessed by using these dive spots. The Dive HM item is a helmet you can wear to give you underwater breathing and vision.

In some areas, lilypads are only used to create walkable surfaces on water, these are not dive spots.

Rock Climbing Spots

Climbable walls, represented by ladders placed on coal ore blocks, allow you to climb up or down a cliff face if you have the Rock Climb HM and required badge in the current region.

This section lists each HM you can receive and the abilities they grant you.


Allows you to bypass Cut bushes, which are small potted cacti. Don't cut the cactus down, simply walk over it.


Doesn't do anything yet. In the future, it may allow you to warp to cities you've visited before.


Allows you to enter water.


Doesn't do anything yet, except allow you to pass any sign that says it requires Strength to pass.


If you enter a dark cave and have the Flash HM, it will light up. Otherwise, the cave will remain dark.


Allows you to pass through whirlpools, which are represented by signs stuck in water to create a hole in the water surface.


Allows you to climb up or down waterfalls.

Rock Smash

Allows you to walk over smashable rocks, which are represented by potted brown mushrooms. Like the Cut bushes above, don't break them, just walk over them.


Allows you to dive underwater at dive spots, marked by a lilypad floating on the surface of the water above a sunken canyon. Equip the HM (a helmet) for underwater breath and vision.


Doesn't do anything.

Rock Climb

Allows you to climb up and down climbable cliff faces, represented by ladders attached to coal ore blocks.

This section deals with miscellaneous things included in the map.

Pokémon Centers

Most cities house a Pokémon Center you can use to cook food, enchant equipment, craft and store items, and sleep. You can only sleep at night, though.


Most cities also house a PokéMart. The first one encountered in each region allows you to sell monster drops in exchange for useful items.

A functional PokéMart is located in: Viridian City (Kanto), Cherrygrove City (Johto), Oldale Town (Hoenn), Sandgem Town (Sinnoh), and Accumula Town (Unova).

WARNING! Currently, viewing the last trade (just a dummy trade) of a PokéMart villager will crash your game! Therefore, do not view the trade after either the Diamond trade or the Ender Pearl trade. Completing a trade will disconnect you, but you can just rejoin/reload the world again.


Defeating gyms is the primary story goal of this map. Some gyms are extremely simple (housing only some trainers in the games), but other will require solving a puzzle to complete. In multiplayer, some gyms may only work if they're being used by one person at a time. When you reach the leader, simply press the button to receive your badge.

Note: make sure you press the button instead of just taking a badge, because the button does some behind-the-scenes stuff in addition to giving you your badge.

Gym Badges

When you defeat a gym, you will receive a gym badge. Don't actually use/place these items! The badge items themselves are purely cosmetic and are not actually required to progress in the map. You still need to press the button in the corresponding gym, and obey any badge requirements, though.

Train Stations

Train stations allow easy travel to other regions. Simply press the marked button to receive a minecart, place it on the slanted track, get in, and press the button to depart.

Train stations can be found in Saffron City (Kanto), Goldenrod City (Johto), Lilycove City (Hoenn), Jubilife City (Sinnoh), Castelia City (Unova), and Lumiose City (Kalos).

Secret Bases

In Hoenn, you may come across a random block of wool or two in the ground or against a cliff face or tree. These are the secret base entrances. Feel free to break the wool and make yourself at home.

Scoreboard Objectives

This map uses scoreboard functionality to keep track of story progression, gym badge, and HM information. You can reset a region's progress from inside its starting house, or reset all map progress (only for you) near the north entrance to Pallet Town.


There is an unhealthy amount of secrets in this map! If you're feeling particularly adventurous, explore outside the normal bounds of the map, break random blocks, and see if you can find some!