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(This Song's Just) Six Words Long"Weird Al" YankovicEven Worse1988
A Complicated Song"Weird Al" YankovicPoodle Hat2003
Airline Amy"Weird Al" YankovicOff The Deep End1992
Albuquerque"Weird Al" YankovicRunning with Scissors1999
Amish Paradise"Weird Al" YankovicBad Hair Day1996
Bedrock Anthem"Weird Al" YankovicAlapalooza1993
Bohemian Polka"Weird Al" YankovicAlapalooza1993
Callin' In Sick"Weird Al" YankovicBad Hair Day1996
Cavity Search"Weird Al" YankovicBad Hair Day1996
Close but No Cigar"Weird Al" YankovicStraight Outta Lynwood2006
Confessions Part III"Weird Al" YankovicStraight Outta Lynwood2006
Couch Potato"Weird Al" YankovicPoodle Hat2003
Dare To Be Stupid"Weird Al" YankovicDare To Be Stupid1985
Don't Download This Song"Weird Al" YankovicStraight Outta Lynwood Disc 12006
Eat It"Weird Al" YankovicWeird Al In 3d1984
Everything You Know Is Wrong"Weird Al" YankovicBad Hair Day1996
Fat"Weird Al" YankovicEven Worse1988
Frank's 2000" TV"Weird Al" YankovicAlapalooza1993
Germs"Weird Al" YankovicRunning With Scissors1999
Girls Just Want To Have Lunch"Weird Al" YankovicDare To Be Stupid1985
Grapefruit Diet"Weird Al" YankovicRunning With Scissors1999
Hardware Store"Weird Al" YankovicPoodle Hat2003
I Lost On Jeopardy"Weird Al" YankovicWeird Al In 3d1984
I Love Rocky Road"Weird Al" YankovicWeird Al Yankovic1983
I Think I'm A Clone Now"Weird Al" YankovicEven Worse1988
I Was Only Kidding"Weird Al" YankovicOff The Deep End1992
It's All About The Pentiums"Weird Al" YankovicRunning With Scissors1999
Jerry Springer"Weird Al" YankovicRunning With Scissors1999
Jurassic Park"Weird Al" YankovicAlapalooza1993
Lasagna"Weird Al" YankovicEven Worse1988
Like A Surgeon"Weird Al" YankovicDare To Be Stupid1985
Melanie"Weird Al" YankovicEven Worse1988
My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder"Weird Al" YankovicRunning With Scissors1999
Nature Trail To Hell"Weird Al" YankovicWeird Al In 3d1984
Phony Calls"Weird Al" YankovicBad Hair Day1996
Polka Power!"Weird Al" YankovicRunning With Scissors1999
Polka Your Eyes Out"Weird Al" YankovicOff The Deep End1992
Pretty Fly For A Rabbi"Weird Al" YankovicRunning With Scissors1999
Since You've Been Gone"Weird Al" YankovicBad Hair Day1996
Smells Like Nirvana"Weird Al" YankovicOff The Deep End1992
Stop Draggin' My Car Around"Weird Al" YankovicWeird Al Yankovic1983
Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White"Weird Al" YankovicEven Worse1988
Syndicated Inc."Weird Al" YankovicBad Hair Day1996
Taco Grande"Weird Al" YankovicOff The Deep End1992
The Alternative Polka"Weird Al" YankovicBad Hair Day1996
The Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota"Weird Al" YankovicUHF - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and Other Stuff1989
The Night Santa Went Crazy"Weird Al" YankovicBad Hair Day1996
The Plumbing Song"Weird Al" YankovicOff The Deep End1992
The Saga Begins"Weird Al" YankovicRunning With Scissors1999
The Weird Al Show Theme"Weird Al" YankovicRunning With Scissors1999
The White Stuff"Weird Al" YankovicOff The Deep End1992
Theme From Rocky Xiii"Weird Al" YankovicWeird Al In 3d1984
Traffic Jam"Weird Al" YankovicAlapalooza1993
Trapped in the Drive-Thru"Weird Al" YankovicStraight Outta Lynwood2006
Trigger Happy"Weird Al" YankovicOff The Deep End1992
Truck Drivin' Song"Weird Al" YankovicRunning With Scissors1999
Virus Alert"Weird Al" YankovicStraight Outta Lynwood2006
When I Was Your Age"Weird Al" YankovicOff The Deep End1992
White & Nerdy"Weird Al" YankovicStraight Outta Lynwood2006
Why Does This Always Happen To Me?"Weird Al" YankovicPoodle Hat2003
Yoda"Weird Al" YankovicDare To Be Stupid1985
You Don't Love Me Anymore"Weird Al" YankovicOff The Deep End1992
You Make Me"Weird Al" YankovicEven Worse1988
Young, Dumb & Ugly"Weird Al" YankovicAlapalooza1993
Your Horoscope For Today"Weird Al" YankovicRunning With Scissors1999
Voices Carry'Til Tuesday'Til Tuesday1985
Born to be Wasted009 Sound System009 Sound System2009
Dreamscape009 Sound System009 Sound System2008
Holy Ghost009 Sound SystemHoly Ghost2008
Shine On009 Sound SystemHoly Ghost2008
Space and Time009 Sound System009 Sound System2008
Trinity009 Sound SystemTrack One Recordings Vol. 12009
With a Spirit009 Sound System009 Sound System2009
Away from the Sun3 Doors DownAway from the Sun2002
Be Like That3 Doors DownThe Better Life2000
Be Somebody3 Doors DownSeventeen Days2005
Behind Those Eyes3 Doors DownSeventeen Days2005
Better Life3 Doors DownThe Better Life2000
By My Side3 Doors DownThe Better Life2000
Changes3 Doors DownAway from the Sun2002
Citizen/Soldier3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008
Dangerous Game3 Doors DownAway from the Sun2002
Down Poison3 Doors DownThe Better Life2000
Duck and Run3 Doors DownThe Better Life2000
Father's Son3 Doors DownSeventeen Days2005
Give It to Me3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008
Going Down in Flames3 Doors DownAway from the Sun2002
Here by Me3 Doors DownSeventeen Days2005
Here Without You3 Doors DownAway from the Sun2002
I Feel You3 Doors DownAway from the Sun2002
It's Not Me3 Doors DownAnother 700 Miles2003
It's Not My Time3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008
It's the Only One You've Got3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008
Kryptonite3 Doors DownThe Better Life2000
Landing in London3 Doors DownLanding in London2005
Let Me Be Myself3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008
Let Me Go3 Doors DownSeventeen Days2005
Let Me Go (alternative version)3 Doors DownLet Me Go2004
Let Me Go (rock version)3 Doors DownLet Me Go2004
Life of My Own3 Doors DownThe Better Life2000
Live for Today3 Doors DownSeventeen Days2005
Loser3 Doors DownThe Better Life2000
My World3 Doors DownSeventeen Days2005
Never Will I Break3 Doors DownSeventeen Days2005
Not Enough3 Doors DownThe Better Life2000
Pages3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008
Right Where I Belong3 Doors DownSeventeen Days2005
Runaway3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008
Running Out of Days3 Doors DownAway from the Sun2002
Sarah Yellin'3 Doors DownAway from the Sun2002
Smack3 Doors DownThe Better Life2000
So I Need You3 Doors DownThe Better Life2000
That Smell3 Doors DownAnother 700 Miles2003
The Real Life3 Doors DownSeventeen Days2005
The Road I'm On3 Doors DownAway from the Sun2002
These Days3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008
Ticket to Heaven3 Doors DownAway from the Sun2002
Train3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008
When It's Over3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008
Your Arms Feel Like Home3 Doors Down3 Doors Down2008
[Untitled Hidden Track]3 Doors DownAway from the Sun2002
Attack30 Seconds to MarsA Beautiful Lie2007
From Yesterday30 Seconds to MarsA Beautiful Lie2005
Liquid Bass (Starcraft Techno)303 InfinityAudio Fantasy2004
I Ran (So Far Away)A Flock of SeagullsA Flock of Seagulls1982
Take on Mea-haHunting High and Low1985
Dancing QueenABBAArrival1976
Take a Chance on MeABBAThe Album1977
Back in BlackAC/DCBack in Black1980
Big BallsAC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap1976
Burnin' AliveAC/DCBallbreaker1995
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapAC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap1976
Evil WalksAC/DCFor Those About to Rock (We Salute You)1981
For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)AC/DCFor Those About to Rock (We Salute You)1981
Givin' the Dog a BoneAC/DCBack in Black1980
Hard as a RockAC/DCBallbreaker1995
Have a Drink on MeAC/DCBack in Black1980
Hell Ain't A Bad Place To BeAC/DCIf You Want Blood You've Got It1978
Hells BellsAC/DCBack in Black1980
Highway To HellAC/DCHighway to Hell1979
It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)AC/DCT.N.T.1975
Let Me Put My Love into YouAC/DCBack in Black1980
Let's Get It UpAC/DCFor Those About to Rock (We Salute You)1981
Rock and Roll Ain't Noise PollutionAC/DCBack in Black1980
Shake a LegAC/DCBack in Black1980
Shoot to ThrillAC/DCBack in Black1980
Stiff Upper LipAC/DCStiff Upper Lip2000
The Razors EdgeAC/DCThe Razors Edge1990
ThunderstruckAC/DCThe Razors Edge1990
What Do You Do for Money HoneyAC/DCBack in Black1980
You Shook Me All Night LongAC/DCBack in Black1980
Balls to the WallAcceptBalls to the Wall1984
All That She WantsAce of BaseHappy Nation1992
Beautiful LifeAce of BaseThe Bridge1995
The SignAce of BaseHappy Nation1993
AmazingAerosmithBig Ones1994
Blind ManAerosmithBig Ones1994
Cryin'AerosmithBig Ones1994
Dream OnAerosmithAerosmith1973
Dude (Looks Like a Lady)AerosmithBig Ones1994
Eat the RichAerosmithBig Ones1994
Janie's Got a GunAerosmithBig Ones1994
Just Push PlayAerosmithJust Push Play2001
Livin' on the EdgeAerosmithBig Ones1994
Love in an ElevatorAerosmithBig Ones1994
The Other SideAerosmithBig Ones1994
Walk on WaterAerosmithBig Ones1994
Walk This WayAerosmithToys in the Attic1975
Looking For The Perfect BeatAfrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic ForcePlanet Rock: The Album2002
Because I Got HighAfromanBecause I Got High2000
Der KommissarAfter the FireDer Kommissar1982
Yellow MoonAkeboshiYellow Moon1989
The Universe of EnergyAl Kasha and Joel HirschornThe Official Album of Disneyland/Walt Disney World1991
Camp GranadaAlan ShermanAlan Sherman1988
Ghost In The MirrorAlex TiuniaevGhost in the Mirror2004
IcelandAlex TiuniaevGhost in the Mirror
LifeAlex TiuniaevArtificial Symphony2007
Organic Map of the Sea of TranquilityAlex TiuniaevGhost in the Mirror
Scientific MindsAlex TiuniaevArtificial Symphony2007
Spectral Flowers BlossomAlex Tiuniaev
StringedAlex TiuniaevArtificial Symphony2005
The Grey WandererAlex TiuniaevArtificial Symphony2005
The MistAlex TiuniaevArtificial Symphony2007
The PathAlex TiuniaevArtificial Symphony2007
The Uncertainty PrincipleAlex TiuniaevArtificial Symphony2007
ViolinsAlex TiuniaevArtificial Symphony2007
Feed My FrankensteinAlice CooperHey Stoopid1991
Man In The BoxAlice In ChainsFacelift1990
The Twelve Gifts of ChristmasAllan ShermanDr. Demento Presents: Greatest Xmas Novelty CD1989
Ether in the Air (PSX Mix)Allister BrimbleDescent Playstation Soundtrack1996
Super Mario 64 SpinlockaluminumOCRemix2007
This Is Your NightAmberNight at the Roxbury1998
Zelda 64 RiverofTimeAmIEviLOCRemix2000
ImpulseAn Endless SporadicAmeliorate2008
Riders, Unite!Andreas Viklund
Sweet ThingsAndreas Viklund
The Phantom of the OperaAndrew Lloyd WebberThe Phantom of the Opera Sound2004
Walking on Broken GlassAnnie LennoxDiva1992
MadhouseAnthraxSpreading the Disease1985
Cara Mia AddioAperture Science Psychoacoustics LaboratoryPortal 2: Songs to Test By2011
Forwarding the Cause of ScienceAperture Science Psychoacoustics LaboratoryPortal 2: Songs to Test By2011
Robots FTWAperture Science Psychoacoustics LaboratoryPortal 2: Songs to Test By2011
Science is FunAperture Science Psychoacoustics LaboratoryPortal 2: Songs to Test By2011
The Part Where He Kills YouAperture Science Psychoacoustics LaboratoryPortal 2: Songs to Test By2011
Want You GoneAperture Science Psychoacoustics LaboratoryPortal 2: Songs to Test By2011
Wheatley ScienceAperture Science Psychoacoustics LaboratoryPortal 2: Songs to Test By2011
You Will Be PerfectAperture Science Psychoacoustics LaboratoryPortal 2: Songs to Test By2011
Your Precious MoonAperture Science Psychoacoustics LaboratoryPortal 2: Songs to Test By2011
Barbie GirlAquaAquarium1997
Roses Are RedAquaAquarium1997
Mr. WendalArrested Development3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of1992
ParanoimiaArt of NoiseIn Visible Silence1986
Heat of the MomentAsiaThe Very Best of Asia - Heat of the Moment (1982-1990)2000
Here Comes the FeelingAsiaThe Very Best of Asia - Heat of the Moment (1982-1990)2000
Super Mario 64 Devastation's DoorwayAudixOCRemix2007
Mario Kart 64 Day's End OC ReMixAudix; TweekOCRemix2008
Turn Up The RadioAutographSign In Please1984
Pick Up The PiecesAverage White BandAWB1974
My Happy EndingAvril LavigneUnder My Skin2004
Takin' Care of BusinessBachman-Turner OverdriveGreatest Hits1981
DrowningBackstreet BoysThe Hits: Chapter One2001
Tarzan BoyBaltimoraLiving in the Background1985
Do They Know It's ChristmasBand Aid1984
7 8 9Barenaked LadiesSnacktime!2008
AlcoholBarenaked LadiesStunt1998
Another Postcard (Acoustic)Barenaked LadiesEverything to Everyone2003
Bad DayBarenaked LadiesSnacktime!2008
Be My Yoko OnoBarenaked LadiesGordon1992
Big Bang Theory ThemeBarenaked Ladies2007
Box SetBarenaked LadiesGordon1992
Brian WilsonBarenaked LadiesRock Spectacle1996
Brian WilsonBarenaked LadiesGordon1992
CrazyBarenaked LadiesGordon1992
Crazy ABC'sBarenaked LadiesSnacktime!2008
EraserBarenaked LadiesSnacktime!2008
Here Come the GeeseBarenaked LadiesSnacktime!2008
I Can SingBarenaked LadiesSnacktime!2008
I Don't LikeBarenaked LadiesSnacktime!2008
I'll Be That GirlBarenaked LadiesStunt1998
If I Had $1,000,000Barenaked LadiesRock Spectacle1996
If I Had $1000000Barenaked LadiesGordon1992
In the CarBarenaked LadiesStunt1998
It's All Been DoneBarenaked LadiesStunt1998
JaneBarenaked LadiesRock Spectacle1996
LeaveBarenaked LadiesStunt1998
Life, in a NutshellBarenaked LadiesRock Spectacle1996
Light up My RoomBarenaked LadiesStunt1998
Louis LoonBarenaked LadiesSnacktime!2008
Never Is EnoughBarenaked LadiesStunt1998
New Kid (On the Block)Barenaked LadiesGordon1992
One WeekBarenaked LadiesStunt1998
Some FantasticBarenaked LadiesStunt1998
Straw Hat and Old Dirty HankBarenaked LadiesRock Spectacle1996
The Canadian Snacktime Trilogy: SnacktimeBarenaked LadiesSnacktime!2008
The FlagBarenaked LadiesGordon1992
The Old ApartmentBarenaked LadiesRock Spectacle1996
These ApplesBarenaked LadiesRock Spectacle1996
Told You SoBarenaked LadiesStunt1998
What a Good BoyBarenaked LadiesGordon1992
What a Good BoyBarenaked LadiesRock Spectacle1996
When I FallBarenaked LadiesRock Spectacle1996
Who Needs Sleep?Barenaked LadiesStunt1998
BassHunter - I Will Touch The SkyBassHunterLOL <(^^,)>2004
BassHunter - The Big ShowBassHunterThe Bassmachine2004
Boten AnnaBasshunterLOL <(^^,)>2004
Boten Anna (Club Mix) www.djwitek.orgBasshunterBoten Anna2004
I can walk on water, I can flyBasshunterLOL <(^^,)>2004
I'm Your BasscreatorBasshunterLOL <(^^,)>2004
Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotaBasshunterLOL <(^^,)>2004
Saturday NightBay City RollersRollin'1974
Sunscreen (Everybody's Free)Baz LuhrmannEverybody's Free (Class of '99)1998
ScarBear MccrearyBattlestar Galactica Soundtrack2006
(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)Beastie BoysLicensed to Ill1986
SabotageBeastie BoysIll Communication1994
LoserBeckMellow Gold1994
When the Night Feels My SongBedouin SoundclashSounding a Mosaic2004
TragedyBee GeesThe Very Best of the Bee Gees1990
Stand By MeBen E. KingDon't Play That Song1962
Blow My MindBig & RichComin' to Your City2005
Comin' to Your CityBig & RichComin' to Your City2005
I Pray for YouBig & RichComin' to Your City2005
Leap of FaithBig & RichComin' to Your City2005
Never Mind MeBig & RichComin' to Your City2005
Slow MotionBig & RichComin' to Your City2005
Mony MonyBilly IdolDon't Stop1981
White WeddingBilly IdolBilly Idol1982
Its Still Rock And Roll To MeBilly JoelMy Lives Disc 12005
My LifeBilly JoelPiano Man: The Very Best Of2004
Only the Good Die YoungBilly JoelThe Stranger1977
Piano ManBilly JoelPiano Man1973
The Downeaster AlexaBilly JoelStorm Front1989
The Longest TimeBilly JoelAn Innocent Man1983
We Didn't Start the FireBilly JoelStorm Front1989
Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My CarBilly OceanTear Down These Walls1989
Wonderful LifeBlackWonderful Life1987
Where Is the Love?Black Eyed PeasElephunk2003
Heaven And HellBlack SabbathHeaven and Hell1980
N.I.B.Black SabbathBlack Sabbath1970
Backwoods GoldBlack Stone CherryBlack Stone Cherry2006
Crosstown WomanBlack Stone CherryBlack Stone Cherry2006
Lonely TrainBlack Stone CherryBlack Stone Cherry2006
Maybe SomedayBlack Stone CherryBlack Stone Cherry2006
Rain WizardBlack Stone CherryBlack Stone Cherry2006
Shooting StarBlack Stone CherryBlack Stone Cherry2006
When the Weight Comes DownBlack Stone CherryBlack Stone Cherry2006
Chrono Trigger Door to the End of TimeBlake PerdueOCRemix
Hanging OnBlake Reary2006
Donkey Kong Country Blue VisionbLiNdOCRemix2002
Heart of GlassBlondieParallel Lines1978
A Lapdance Is So Much Better When the Stripper Is CryingBloodhound GangHooray For Boobies2000
Fire Water BurnBloodhound GangOne Fierce Beer Coaster1996
Fire Water BurnBloodhound GangFire Water Burn1996
Fire Water Burn (The Bloodhound Gang Remix)Bloodhound GangMope2000
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie KiloBloodhound GangHefty Fine
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (The Jason Nevis Mix)Bloodhound GangFoxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo2005
Go DownBloodhound GangUse Your Fingers1995
Hell YeahBloodhound GangHooray For Boobies2000
It's TrickyBloodhound GangOne Fierce Beer Coaster1996
K.I.D.S. IncorporatedBloodhound GangUse Your Fingers1995
Lift Your Head Up High (And Blow Your Brains Out)Bloodhound GangOne Fierce Beer Coaster1996
MopeBloodhound GangHooray For Boobies2000
Mope (The Swamp Remix)Bloodhound GangMope2000
No Hard Feelings [The Magnus Winbjoerk Remix]Bloodhound GangNo Hard Feelings2006
PennsylvaniaBloodhound GangHefty Fine2005
Right Turn ClydeBloodhound GangHooray For Boobies2000
Something DiabolicalBloodhound GangHefty Fine2005
The Bad TouchBloodhound GangHooray For Boobies2000
The Bad Touch (The Eiffel 65 Mix)Bloodhound GangHooray For Boobies2000
Three Point One FourBloodhound GangHooray For Boobies2000
Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn TissBloodhound GangHefty Fine2005
18th Floor BalconyBlue OctoberFoiled2006
Everlasting FriendBlue OctoberFoiled2006
Hate MeBlue OctoberFoiled2006
Into the OceanBlue OctoberFoiled2006
She's My Ride HomeBlue OctoberFoiled2006
Sound of Pulling Heaven DownBlue OctoberFoiled2006
X Amount of WordsBlue OctoberFoiled2006
You Make Me SmileBlue OctoberFoiled2006
CongratulationsBlue October/Imogen HeapFoiled2006
(Don't Fear) The ReaperBlue Öyster CultOn Flame with Rock and Roll1990
Burnin' for YouBlue Öyster CultOn Flame with Rock and Roll1990
Celestial the QueenBlue Öyster CultSpectres1977
Death Valley NightsBlue Öyster CultSpectres1977
GodzillaBlue Öyster CultOn Flame with Rock and Roll1990
NosferatuBlue Öyster CultSpectres1977
Hooked on a FeelingBlue SwedeHooked on a Feeling1974
Pinewood RallyBlue SwedeHooked on a Feeling1974
Something's BurningBlue SwedeHooked on a Feeling1974
Heut' Ist Mein TagBlümchenJasmin1999
Open the LightBoards of CanadaMusic Has The Right To Children1998
The Twelve Days of ChristmasBob & Doug McKenzieDr. Demento Presents: Greatest Xmas Novelty CD1989
Monster MashBobby "Boris" PickettThe Original Monster Mash1962
Mr. LonelyBobby VintonRoses Are Red1964
It's My LifeBon JoviCrush2000
Livin' on a PrayerBon JoviSlippery When Wet1986
Who Says You Can't Go HomeBon JoviHave A Nice Day2005
BelfastBoney M.Love for Sale1977
FelicidadBoney M.Gold: 20 Super Hits1993
RasputinBoney M.Nightflight to Venus1978
Holding Out for a HeroBonnie TylerFootloose1984
Total Eclipse of the HeartBonnie TylerFaster Than the Speed of Night1983
AppleseedBoom Boom SatellitesAppleseed Disc 12004
Foreplay/Long TimeBostonBoston1976
Hitch a RideBostonBoston1976
Let Me Take You Home TonightBostonBoston1976
More Than a FeelingBostonBoston1976
Peace of MindBostonBoston1976
Rock and Roll BandBostonBoston1976
Something About YouBostonBoston1976
1985Bowling for SoupA Hangover You Don't Deserve2004
The Great EscapeBoys Like GirlsBoys Like Girls2006
Lido ShuffleBoz ScaggsSilk Degrees1976
Whiskey LullabyBrad PaisleyMud on the Tires2003
Another Day in ParadiseBrandyUrban Renewal2001
Anthem of the AngelsBreaking BenjaminDear Agony2009
AwayBreaking BenjaminWe Are Not Alone2004
BelieveBreaking BenjaminWe Are Not Alone2004
Blow Me AwayBreaking BenjaminHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
Break My FallBreaking BenjaminWe Are Not Alone2004
BreakdownBreaking BenjaminWe Are Not Alone2004
BreathBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
Dance With The DevilBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
Dear AgonyBreaking BenjaminDear Agony2009
Evil AngelBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
FireflyBreaking BenjaminWe Are Not Alone2004
FollowBreaking BenjaminWe Are Not Alone2004
Forget ItBreaking BenjaminWe Are Not Alone2004
Had EnoughBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
Here We AreBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
HomeBreaking BenjaminSaturate2002
Into the NothingBreaking BenjaminDear Agony2009
Lights OutBreaking BenjaminDear Agony2009
MedicateBreaking BenjaminSaturate2002
Natural LifeBreaking BenjaminSaturate2002
No GamesBreaking BenjaminSaturate2002
OutroBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
PhaseBreaking BenjaminSaturate2002
PolyamorousBreaking BenjaminSaturate2002
Shallow BayBreaking BenjaminSaturate2002
Simple DesignBreaking BenjaminWe Are Not Alone2004
SkinBreaking BenjaminSaturate2002
So ColdBreaking BenjaminWe Are Not Alone2004
Sooner Or LaterBreaking BenjaminWe Are Not Alone2004
SugarcoatBreaking BenjaminSaturate2002
The Diary of JaneBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
The Diary Of Jane (Acoustic Version)Breaking BenjaminPhobia2006
ToplessBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
Unknown SoldierBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
Until The EndBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
WaterBreaking BenjaminSaturate2002
What Lies BeneathBreaking BenjaminDear Agony2009
Wish I MayBreaking BenjaminSaturate2002
Without YouBreaking BenjaminDear Agony2009
YouBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
You Fight MeBreaking BenjaminPhobia2006
Smalltown BoyBronski BeatThe Age of Consent1984
Run To YouBryan AdamsReckless1984
Summer of '69Bryan AdamsSo Far So Good1993
For What It's WorthBuffalo SpringfieldBuffalo Springfield1966
A Walk In The WoodsBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Brothers In ArmsBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Covenant DanceBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Devils MonstersBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
DrumrunBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Dust And EchoesBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Enough Dead HereosBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Finish the FightBungieHalo 3 Original Soundtrack2007
Greatest JourneyBungieHalo 3 Original Soundtrack2007
HaloBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Last of the BraveBungieHalo 3 Original Soundtrack2007
On A Pale HorseBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Opening SuiteBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Out of ShadowBungieHalo 3 Original Soundtrack2007
Perchance To DreamBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Perilious JourneyBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
ReleasedBungieHalo 3 Original Soundtrack2007
Rock Anthem For Saving The WorldBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Roll CallBungieHalo 3 Original Soundtrack2007
Suite AutumnBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
The Gun Pointed At The Head OfBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
The Long RunBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
The MawBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
This is Our LandBungieHalo 3 Original Soundtrack2007
This is the HourBungieHalo 3 Original Soundtrack2007
Three GatesBungieHalo 3 Original Soundtrack2007
To Kill a DemonBungieHalo 3 Original Soundtrack2007
Truth And Reconciliation SuiteBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Under Cover Of NightBungieHalo Original Soundtrack2002
Little ThingsBushSixteen Stone1994
Gonna Make You SweatC+C Music FactoryGonna Make You Sweat1990
Short Skirt/Long JacketCAKEComfort Eagle2001
Minas de Cobre (For Better Metal)CalexicoThe Black Light1998
Word UpCameoWord Up!1986
BeatophoneCaravan PalacePanic2012
ClashCaravan PalacePanic2012
DragonsCaravan PalaceCaravan Palace2008
Jolie CoquineCaravan PalaceCaravan Palace2008
La CaravaneCaravan PalaceCaravan Palace2008
ManiacCaravan PalacePanic2012
PiratesCaravan PalacePanic2012
Star ScatCaravan PalaceCaravan Palace2008
SuzyCaravan PalaceCaravan Palace2008
Kung Fu FightingCarl DouglasKung Fu Fighting1974
O FortunaCarmina Burana
Before He CheatsCarrie UnderwoodSome Hearts2006
Day Oh (Ekkosangen)CartoonsGreatest Toons
Diddley DeeCartoonsToontastic2000
Nouvelle Rouvenor HeroCCPEVE Online: Soundtrack2003
Fuck YouCee-Lo GreenThe Lady Killer2010
A New Day Has Come [Radio Remix]Celine DionA New Day Has Come2002
I'm AliveCeline DionA New Day Has Come2002
The Devil Went Down to GeorgiaCharlie Daniels BandA Decade of Hits1980
All or NothingCherBelieve1998
Nice GuysChester See, Kevjumba & Ryan Higa2011
Ambient SleepChocolate Bobka2008
Ambient Sleep (Short)Chocolate Bobka2008
Super Mario 64 Fleeting EcstasychthonicOCRemix
Creepy CrawlingChumbawambaTubthumper1997
Drip, Drip, DripChumbawambaTubthumper1997
I Want MoreChumbawambaTubthumper1997
Mary, MaryChumbawambaTubthumper1997
One by OneChumbawambaTubthumper1997
The Big IssueChumbawambaTubthumper1997
The Good Ship LifestyleChumbawambaTubthumper1997
Nobody's FoolCinderellaNight Songs1986
Out of ReachCities of FoamA Great Day for the Race [UK]2005
Merry Christmas from the Whole Fam DamilyCledus T. JuddAnother Day in Parodies2000
My Cellmate Thinks I'm SexyCledus T. JuddAnother Day in Parodies1995
Bring It (Snakes on a Plane)Cobra StarshipWhile the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets2006
Blood Red SummerCoheed and CambriaIn Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 32003
ClocksColdplayA Rush of Blood to the Head2002
Fix YouColdplayX&Y2005
Life in Technicolor IIColdplayProspekt's March2008
The ScientistColdplayA Rush of Blood to the Head2002
Viva la VidaColdplayViva la Vida or Death and All His Friends2008
JoeyConcrete BlondeBloodletting1990
Gangsta's ParadiseCoolio/L.V.Fantastic Voyage: The Greatest Hits1995
Sunglasses at NightCorey HartFirst Offense1983
Axel FCrazy FrogCrazy Hits2005
IntroCrazy FrogCrazy Hits2005
PopcornCrazy FrogCrazy Hits2005
ButterflyCrazy TownThe Gift Of Game1999
Are You Ready?CreedHuman Clay1999
BeautifulCreedHuman Clay1999
Don't Stop DancingCreedWeathered2001
Freedom FighterCreedWeathered2001
My SacrificeCreedWeathered2001
One Last BreathCreedWeathered2001
Stand Here With MeCreedWeathered2001
What IfCreedHuman Clay1999
What's This Life ForCreedMy Own Prison1997
With Arms Wide OpenCreedHuman Clay1999
Bad Moon Rising [*]Creedence Clearwater RevivalBad Moon Rising: The Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival2003
Born On The BayouCreedence Clearwater RevivalBad Moon Rising: The Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival2003
Down on the CornerCreedence Clearwater RevivalBad Moon Rising: The Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival2003
Fortunate SonCreedence Clearwater RevivalBad Moon Rising: The Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival2003
Have You Ever Seen the RainCreedence Clearwater RevivalBad Moon Rising: The Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival2003
Hey TonightCreedence Clearwater RevivalPendulum1970
LodiCreedence Clearwater RevivalBad Moon Rising: The Best of C2003
Proud MaryCreedence Clearwater RevivalBayou Country1969
Travelin' BandCreedence Clearwater RevivalBad Moon Rising: The Best of Creedence Clearwater Revival2003
Sirius - PeaceCroteamSerious Sam II Soundtrack2005
Karma ChameleonCulture ClubColour By Numbers1983
(I Just) Died In Your ArmsCutting CrewBroadcast1986
Girls Just Want to Have FunCyndi LauperShe's So Unusual1983
Listen to Your HeartD.H.T.Listen to Your Heart2005
AerodynamicDaft PunkDiscovery2001
Around the World [Radio Edit]Daft PunkMusique, Vol. 1: 1993-20052006
BeyondDaft PunkRandom Access Memories2013
C.L.U.Daft PunkTron: Legacy2010
ContactDaft PunkRandom Access Memories2013
CrescendollsDaft PunkDiscovery2001
DerezzedDaft PunkTron: Legacy2010
Digital LoveDaft PunkDiscovery2001
Disc WarsDaft PunkTron: Legacy2010
EmotionDaft PunkHuman After All2005
ENCOM, Part IIDaft PunkTron: Legacy2010
Face to FaceDaft PunkDiscovery2001
Flynn LivesDaft PunkTron: Legacy2010
Get LuckyDaft PunkRandom Access Memories2013
Giorgio by MoroderDaft PunkRandom Access Memories2013
Give Life Back to MusicDaft PunkRandom Access Memories2013
Harder, Better, Faster, StrongerDaft PunkDiscovery2001
High LifeDaft PunkDiscovery2001
Human After AllDaft PunkHuman After All2005
Instant CrushDaft PunkRandom Access Memories2013
Lose Yourself to DanceDaft PunkRandom Access Memories2013
Make LoveDaft PunkHuman After All2005
MotherboardDaft PunkRandom Access Memories2013
Night VisionDaft PunkDiscovery2001
One More TimeDaft PunkDiscovery2001
OutlandsDaft PunkTron: Legacy2010
Outlands, Part IIDaft PunkTron: Legacy2010
OvertureDaft PunkTron: Legacy2010
Robot RockDaft PunkHuman After All2005
Sea of SimulationDaft PunkTron: Legacy2010
Short CircuitDaft PunkDiscovery2001
Solar SailerDaft PunkTron: Legacy2010
SuperheroesDaft PunkDiscovery2001
TechnologicDaft PunkHuman After All2005
Television Rules the NationDaft PunkHuman After All2005
The Game Has ChangedDaft PunkTron: Legacy2010
The GridDaft PunkTron: Legacy2010
The Prime Time of Your LifeDaft PunkHuman After All2005
Too LongDaft PunkDiscovery2001
TouchDaft PunkRandom Access Memories2013
Tron Legacy (End Titles)Daft PunkTron: Legacy2010
Veridis QuoDaft PunkDiscovery2001
VoyagerDaft PunkDiscovery2001
Tunak Tunak TunDaler Mehndi1998
Same Old Lang SyneDan FoglebergThe Innocent Age1981
Zelda 64 Awakened Fears of the GerudoDaniel BaranowskyOCRemix
Chrono Trigger AtonementDarangenOCRemix
Zelda 64 Falling BackDarangenOCRemix2005
SunchymeDario GSunmachine1998
Chrono Trigger Blue Skies Over GuardiaDarkeSwordOCRemix
A Proper StoryDarren KorbBastion Original Soundtrack2011
Build That Wall (Zia's Theme)Darren KorbBastion Original Soundtrack2011
Bynn the BreakerDarren KorbBastion Original Soundtrack2011
From Wharf to WildsDarren KorbBastion Original Soundtrack2011
In Case of TroubleDarren KorbBastion Original Soundtrack2011
Mine, Windbag, MineDarren KorbBastion Original Soundtrack2011
Percy's EscapeDarren KorbBastion Original Soundtrack2011
Setting Sail, Coming Home (End Theme)Darren KorbBastion Original Soundtrack2011
Slinger's SongDarren KorbBastion Original Soundtrack2011
The Bottom FeedersDarren KorbBastion Original Soundtrack2011
SandstormDarudeBefore the Storm2001
#34Dave Matthews BandUnder the Table & Dreaming1994
#41Dave Matthews BandCrash1996
American BabyDave Matthews BandStand Up2005
AngelDave Matthews BandEveryday2001
Ants MarchingDave Matthews BandUnder the Table & Dreaming1994
BartenderDave Matthews BandBusted Stuff2002
CaptainDave Matthews BandBusted Stuff2002
Digging a DitchDave Matthews BandBusted Stuff2002
Dreams of Our FathersDave Matthews BandEveryday2001
Everybody Wake Up (Our Finest Hour Arrives)Dave Matthews BandStand Up2005
EverydayDave Matthews BandEveryday2001
Fool to ThinkDave Matthews BandEveryday2001
Grey StreetDave Matthews BandBusted Stuff2002
Let You DownDave Matthews BandCrash1996
Mother FatherDave Matthews BandEveryday2001
RavenDave Matthews BandBusted Stuff2002
Rhyme & ReasonDave Matthews BandUnder the Table & Dreaming1994
SatelliteDave Matthews BandUnder the Table & Dreaming1994
Smooth RiderDave Matthews BandStand Up2005
SpoonDave Matthews BandBefore These Crowded Streets1998
Steady as We GoDave Matthews BandStand Up2005
The Dreaming TreeDave Matthews BandBefore These Crowded Streets1998
The Space BetweenDave Matthews BandEveryday2001
Too MuchDave Matthews BandCrash1996
Two StepDave Matthews BandCrash1996
Typical SituationDave Matthews BandUnder the Table & Dreaming1994
WarehouseDave Matthews BandUnder the Table & Dreaming1994
What Would You SayDave Matthews BandUnder the Table & Dreaming1994
What You AreDave Matthews BandEveryday2001
When the World EndsDave Matthews BandEveryday2001
You Never KnowDave Matthews BandBusted Stuff2002
Argent Tournament Day 1David ArkenstoneWorld of Warcraft2009
Argent Tournament Day 2David ArkenstoneWorld of Warcraft2009
Argent Tournament Night 1David ArkenstoneWorld of Warcraft2009
Argent Tournament Night 2David ArkenstoneWorld of Warcraft2009
Ashes to AshesDavid BowieScary Monsters (and Super Creeps)1980
Space OddityDavid BowieBest of Bowie2002
Ziggy StardustDavid BowieThe Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust1972
Like Humans DoDavid ByrneLook into the Eyeball2001
The Great IntoxicationDavid ByrneLook into the Eyeball2001
Csardas Gypsy DanceDavid GarrettFree2007
Dueling StringsDavid GarrettFree2007
He's a PirateDavid GarrettEncore2008
Rock PreludeDavid GarrettEncore2008
Smooth CriminalDavid GarrettEncore2008
SummerDavid GarrettEncore2008
The Flight of the Bumble BeeDavid GarrettFree2007
ThunderstruckDavid GarrettEncore2008
Goin' Crazy!David Lee RothEat 'Em and Smile1986
Yankee RoseDavid Lee RothEat 'Em and Smile1986
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record)Dead or AliveYouthquake1985
Faxing Berlindeadmau5Random Album Title2008
Ghosts 'n' Stuffdeadmau5For Lack of a Better Name2009
Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuffdeadmau5For Lack of a Better Name2009
Smoke on the WaterDeep PurpleThe Very Best of Deep Purple [Rhino]2000
Don't Shoot ShotgunDef LeppardHysteria1987
Foolin'Def LeppardPyromania1983
Gods of WarDef LeppardHysteria1987
HysteriaDef LeppardHysteria1987
Love and AffectionDef LeppardHysteria1987
Love BitesDef LeppardHysteria1987
PhotographDef LeppardPyromania1983
Pour Some Sugar on MeDef LeppardHysteria1987
Rock Rock (Till You Drop)Def LeppardPyromania1983
Run RiotDef LeppardHysteria1987
Too Late for LoveDef LeppardPyromania1983
Wasting My TimeDefaultThe Fallout2001
Donkey Kong Country Christmas Cave OC ReMixdeim0sOCRemix
Gortoz A RanDenez PrigentIrvi2004
BabeDennis DeYoungMusic of Styx: Live With Symphony Orchestra Disc 12004
Black WallDennis DeYoungMusic of Styx: Live With Symphony Orchestra Disc 22004
Castle WallsDennis DeYoungMusic of Styx: Live With Symphony Orchestra Disc 12004
Desert MoonDennis DeYoungMusic of Styx: Live With Symphony Orchestra Disc 22004
Don't Let It EndDennis DeYoungMusic of Styx: Live With Symphony Orchestra Disc 12004
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik-LoreleiDennis DeYoungMusic of Styx: Live With Symphony Orchestra Disc 12004
My God (Can Beat Up Your God)Dennis DeYoungMusic of Styx: Live With Symphony Orchestra Disc 22004
Entering the StrongholdDenny Schneidemesser2008
Gnomeregan Event ThemeDerek DukeWorld of Warcraft2010
Wintergrasp Calm 1Derek DukeWorld of Warcraft2008
Wintergrasp Calm 2Derek DukeWorld of Warcraft2008
Wintergrasp ContestedDerek DukeWorld of Warcraft2008
Final Fantasy 7 Nanaki Searches for TruthDevOCRemix2004
6 Feet Underground (Album Version)DeVisionBest Of2006
Aimee (Album Version)DeVisionBest Of2006
BreathlessDeVisionBest Of2006
Drifting Sideways (Radio Cut)DeVisionBest Of2006
Foreigner (Radio Edit)DeVisionBest Of2006
Freedom (Album Short Cut)DeVisionBest Of2006
Heart-Shaped Tumor (Radio Edit)DeVisionBest Of2006
I'm Not Dreaming Of You (Album Version)DeVisionBest Of2006
I'm Not Dreaming Of You (Extended Club Version)DeVisionBest Of2006
Lonely Day (Radio Cut)DeVisionBest Of2006
Love Will Find A WayDeVisionBest Of2006
Miss You More (Radio Cut)DeVisionBest Of2006
Strange Affection (Album Edit)DeVisionBest Of2006
Summer Sun (Out Of Sight Out Of Mind Mix)DeVisionBest Of2006
The Day's Not Done (Album Version)DeVisionBest Of2006
The Day's Not Done (Scopehead Mix)DeVisionBest Of2006
Unputdownable (Single Edit)DeVisionBest Of2006
We Fly Tonight (Radio Edit)DeVisionBest Of2006
Mario Kart 64 FlagOfEveryColorDevvyn MurphyOCRemix2002
Come on EileenDexy's Midnight RunnersToo-Rye-Ay1982
Love ChildDiana RossUnknown Album (10/5/2007 11:18:29 PM)
Thank YouDidoNo Angel1999
Night Shadows (Demo Edit)Digital MoodzLevitation www.digitalmoodz.com2006
Holy DiverDioHoly Diver1983
Money For NothingDire StraitsBrothers in Arms1985
Run to YouDiscovery Channel2005
DeifyDisturbedTen Thousand Fists2005
Down With The SicknessDisturbedThe Sickness (Edited)2000
GuardedDisturbedTen Thousand Fists2005
I'm AliveDisturbedTen Thousand Fists2005
Just StopDisturbedTen Thousand Fists2005
Land of ConfusionDisturbedTen Thousand Fists2005
Living After MidnightDisturbedThe Lost Children2011
Meaning of LifeDisturbedThe Sickness (Edited)2000
OverburdenedDisturbedTen Thousand Fists2005
StupifyDisturbedThe Sickness (Edited)2000
Ten Thousand FistsDisturbedTen Thousand Fists2005
VoicesDisturbedThe Sickness2000
The Fresh Prince of Bel AirDJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh PrinceGreatest Hits1998
In the Hall of the Mountain King (Techno Remix)DJ Liquid Todd
Adagio For StringsDJ TiestoJust Be2004
Chrono Trigger The Mellow CorridordjcubezOCRemix2002
Chrono Trigger Jethro and Vash at the FairdjpretzelOCRemix2003
Chrono Trigger Revival Day ImpoetusdjpretzelOCRemix2000
Donkey Kong Country DiddyEvolution OC ReMixdjpretzelOCRemix
Earthbound Twoson Hits the RoaddjpretzelOCRemix2005
Ecco: Dorsal DubdjpretzelOCRemix2000
Final Fantasy IX: DubnofantasyalonemandjpretzelOCRemix2002
Gradius HorizontalArmadadjpretzelOCRemix2000
Legend of the Mystical Ninja OedoPentatonicdjpretzelOCRemix2001
Lunar BlueLamentdjpretzelOCRemix2002
Phantasy Star 3 LegacydjpretzelOCRemix2000
Phantasy Star 4 LastBreathFirstBreathdjpretzelOCRemix2002
Phantasy Star Alis OverturedjpretzelOCRemix2000
Secret of Mana Tidal SequencedjpretzelOCRemix2004
Sonic the Hedgehog Love HurtsdjpretzelOCRemix2002
Starfox Clan McClouddjpretzelOCRemix2000
Streets of Rage WahWahdjpretzelOCRemix2000
Super Mario 64 SunkenSuitedjpretzelOCRemix2001
Tales of Phantasia The Koan of DrumsdjpretzelOCRemix2006
Tetris Slavic RootsdjpretzelOCRemix2000
Yoshi's Island 2001 ElasticNewYeardjpretzelOCRemix2001
Zelda 64 GerudoInterludedjpretzelOCRemix2001
Zelda 64 Pachelbel's GanondjpretzelOCRemix2002
Zillion InsideTheRoadhousedjpretzelOCRemix2002
Chrono Trigger Town Lifedjpretzel, Geoffrey TaucerOCRemix2006
Final Fantasy Vii: Short Skirtsdjpretzel, VigilanteOCRemix2007
NavrasDon DavisThe Matrix Revolutions: Music from the Motion Picture2003
Spirit of the UniverseDon DavisThe Matrix Revolutions: Music from the Motion Picture2003
If Dirt Were DollarsDon HenleyThe End of the Innocence1989
American PieDon McLeanAmerican Pie1971
I'll Make a Man Out of YouDonny OsmondMulan: An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack1998
You Spin Me RoundDopeYou Spin Me Round2002
Move Your Dead BonesDr. ReanimatorBeyond Re-Animator: Bonus Tracks2003
Body BreakdownDragonforceInhuman Rampage2006
Heroes of Our TimeDragonForceUltra Beatdown2008
Operation Ground PoundDragonforceInhuman Rampage2006
Revolution DeathsquadDragonforceInhuman Rampage2006
The Flame of YouthDragonforceInhuman Rampage2006
Through the Fire and FlamesDragonforceInhuman Rampage2006
Trail of Broken HeartsDragonforceInhuman Rampage2006
Moon Over Parma (Long Version)Drew CareyMusic From The Drew Carey Show1999
BodiesDrowning PoolSinner2001
MoskauDschinghis KhanEighties Complete, Vol. 12002
Girls on FilmDuran DuranDuran Duran1981
Hungry Like the WolfDuran DuranRio1982
RioDuran DuranRio1982
Short ChangeE-Z RollersWeekend World1998
Hotel CaliforniaEaglesHotel California1976
Take It EasyEaglesTheir Greatest Hits (1971-1975)1976
In The StoneEarth, Wind & FireI Am1979
SeptemberEarth, Wind & FireThe Best of Earth, Wind & Fire, Vol. 11978
Shining StarEarth, Wind & FireThat's the Way of the World1975
SkulkEcho ImageCompuphonic2001
Two Tickets to ParadiseEddie MoneyThe Best of Eddie Money1989
Electric AvenueEddy GrantKiller on the Rampage1982
80's StarsEiffel 65As 7 Melhores 2002
Another RaceEiffel 65Europop1999
Blue (Da Ba Dee)Eiffel 65Europop1999
Blue (Da Ba Dee) [Extended Mix]Eiffel 65Europop1999
Cosa Resterà (In A Song)Eiffel 65Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) [Disk 2]2004
CrazyEiffel 65Contact2001
Dub in LifeEiffel 65Europop1999
EuropopEiffel 65Europop1999
FarawayEiffel 65Contact2001
Going to Dance All NightEiffel 65Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) [Disk 2]2004
Hyperlink [Deep Down]Eiffel 65Europop1999
I Dj With The FireEiffel 65Contact2001
Johnny GreyEiffel 65Contact!2001
JourneyEiffel 65Contact2001
Just One Night and Maybe Good ByeEiffel 65Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) [Disk 2]2004
King of LullabyEiffel 65Contact2001
Like a Rolling Stone [English Version]Eiffel 65Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) [Disk 2]2004
Living in a BubbleEiffel 65Europop1999
Living in My City (Theme from the Turin Winter Olympic Games 2006)Eiffel 65Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) [Disk 2]2004
Losing YouEiffel 65Contact2001
Lucky (In My Life)Eiffel 65Contact!2001
Morning TimeEiffel 65Contact2001
Move Your BodyEiffel 65Europop1999
New LifeEiffel 65Contact2001
Now Is ForeverEiffel 65Europop1999
OggiEiffel 65Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) [Disk 2]2004
One GoalEiffel 65Contact2001
Silicon WorldEiffel 65Europop1999
The EdgeEiffel 65Europop1999
Time Is Not Our CageEiffel 65Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) [Disk 2]2004
TodayEiffel 65Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) [Disk 2]2004
Too Much of HeavenEiffel 65Europop1999
Viaggia Insieme A NoiEiffel 65Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) [Disk 2]2004
Voglia Di Dance All NightEiffel 65Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) [Disk 2]2004
Voglia Di Dance All Night [2004 Remix]Eiffel 65Eiffel 65 (Special Edition) [Disk 2]2004
Your ClownEiffel 65Europop1999
Black and BruisedEighteen VisionsEighteen Visions2006
Broken HeartedEighteen VisionsEighteen Visions2006
Burned Us AliveEighteen VisionsEighteen Visions2006
I Let GoEighteen VisionsObsession2004
Last NightEighteen VisionsEighteen Visions2006
Our Darkest DaysEighteen VisionsEighteen Visions2006
Pretty SuicideEighteen VisionsEighteen Visions2006
Said and DoneEighteen VisionsObsession2004
The Sweetest MemoryEighteen VisionsEighteen Visions2006
TonightlessEighteen VisionsEighteen Visions2006
Truth or ConsequenceEighteen VisionsEighteen Visions2006
VictimEighteen VisionsEighteen Visions2006
AtemEisbrecherDie Hölle Muss Warten2012
Augen Unter NullEisbrecherDie Hölle Muss Warten2012
Die Hölle Muss WartenEisbrecherDie Hölle Muss Warten2012
Ein Leben Lang UnsterblichEisbrecherDie Hölle Muss Warten2012
Herz Aus EisEisbrecherDie Hölle Muss Warten2012
In Meinem RaumEisbrecherDie Hölle Muss Warten2012
Keine LiebeEisbrecherDie Hölle Muss Warten2012
PrototypEisbrecherDie Hölle Muss Warten2012
Rette MichEisbrecherDie Hölle Muss Warten2012
Tanz Mit MirEisbrecherDie Hölle Muss Warten2012
VerrücktEisbrecherDie Hölle Muss Warten2012
Don't Bring Me DownElectric Light OrchestraDiscovery1979
Livin' ThingElectric Light OrchestraA New World Record1976
Telephone LineElectric Light OrchestraA New World Record1976
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault ThemeElectronic ArtsMOH:AA Soundtrack2002
BelfastElton JohnMade in England1995
Crocodile RockElton JohnDon't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player1973
I Guess That's Why They Call It the BluesElton JohnGreatest Hits 1976-19861992
LiesElton JohnMade in England1995
Mama Can't Buy You LoveElton JohnGreatest Hits 1976-19861992
Who Wears These Shoes?Elton JohnGreatest Hits 1976-19861992
How Do I Life? feat. AnsweredEm-One2014
Just Lose ItEminemCurtain Call: The Hits2005
Like Toy SoldiersEminemCurtain Call: The Hits2005
Lose YourselfEminemCurtain Call: The Hits2005
MockingbirdEminemEncore Disc 12004
Sing for the MomentEminemCurtain Call: The Hits2005
StanEminemCurtain Call: The Hits2005
When I'm GoneEminemCurtain Call: The Hits2005
I'd Really Love To See You TonightEngland Dan & John Ford ColeyNights Are Forever1976
BailamosEnrique IglesiasEnrique1999
Age of Empires 2 Theme MedleyEnsemble Studios
Change The WorldEric ClaptonPhenomenon: Music From the Motion Picture1996
Minecraft UniverseEric Fullerton2011
Cliffs of DoverEric JohnsonAh Via Musicom1990
Call on MeEric PrydzCall on Me2008
PjanooEric PrydzPjanoo2008
Final CountdownEuropeFinal Countdown1986
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)EurythmicsSweet Dreams (Are Made of This)1983
Bring Me to LifeEvanescenceFallen2003
Going UnderEvanescenceFallen2003
Good EnoughEvanescenceThe Open Door2006
LithiumEvanescenceThe Open Door2006
Sweet SacrificeEvanescenceThe Open Door2006
What It's LikeEverlastWhitey Ford Sings the Blues1998
Chasing AngelsExit Reason2007-Demo Final2007
BreatheFabolousReal Talk2004
EvidenceFaith No MoreKing for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime1995
We Care A LotFaith No MoreWe Care a Lot1985
Insomnia [Monster Mix]FaithlessNight at the Roxbury1998
Der KommissarFalcoGreatest Hits1999
JeannyFalcoGreatest Hits1999
Rock Me AmadeusFalcoGreatest Hits1999
Rock Me AmadeusFalcoFalco 31985
A Quest for the CrownFalconerFalconer2001
Black TarnFalconerNorthwind2006
Busted to the FloorFalconerChapters from a Vale Forlorn2002
Catch the ShadowsFalconerNorthwind2006
Enter the GladeFalconerChapters from a Vale Forlorn2002
Hear Me PrayFalconerThe Sceptre of Deception2003
Heresy in DisguiseFalconerFalconer2001
Home of the KnaveFalconerNorthwind2006
Lament of a MinstrelFalconerChapters from a Vale Forlorn2002
Legend and the LoreFalconerNorthwind2006
Long Gone ByFalconerNorthwind2006
Perjury and SanctityFalconerNorthwind2006
Portals of LightFalconerChapters from a Vale Forlorn2002
The Past Still Lives OnFalconerFalconer2001
We Sold Our HomesteadsFalconerChapters from a Vale Forlorn2002
Wings of SerenityFalconerFalconer2001
The WayFastballAll the Pain Money Can Buy1998
Act Like You KnowFat Larry's BandAct Like You Know1982
She Drives Me CrazyFine Young CannibalsThe Raw and the Cooked1989
ParalyzerFinger ElevenThem vs. You vs. Me2007
Angels Forgive MeFirewindThe Premonition2008
Circle Of LifeFirewindThe Premonition2008
Head Up HighFirewindThe Premonition2008
Into The FireFirewindThe Premonition2008
Life ForeclosedFirewindThe Premonition2008
ManiacFirewindThe Premonition2008
Mercenary ManFirewindThe Premonition2008
My LonelinessFirewindThe Premonition2008
The Silent CodeFirewindThe Premonition2008
Never WinFischerspoonerOdyssey2005
WorldFive For FightingTwo Lights2006
Fight With ToolsFlobotsFight With Tools2007
HandlebarsFlobotsFight with Tools2007
Mayday!!!FlobotsFight With Tools2007
RiseFlobotsFight With Tools2007
We are WinningFlobotsFight With Tools2007
ZionFlukeThe Matrix Reloaded: The Album2003
Learn To FlyFoo FightersThere Is Nothing Left to Lose1999
Feels Like the First TimeForeignerForeigner1977
Juke Box HeroForeigner41981
Waiting For A Girl Like YouForeigner41981
Stacy's MomFountains of WayneAustin's Mp3 Mix2003
Kiss My Irish AssFrank Mackey and the Keltic CowboysSongs of Longing and Debauchery2007
RelaxFrankie Goes To HollywoodWelcome to the Pleasuredome1984
Two TribesFrankie Goes to HollywoodWelcome to the Pleasuredome1984
I Know There's Something Going OnFridaSomething's Going On1982
InnocentFuelSomething Like Human2000
SlowFuelSomething Like Human2000
Back In The DayFuturistic Sex RobotzHotel Coral Essex2006
Back To The FutureFuturistic Sex RobotzHotel Coral Essex2006
Checking OutFuturistic Sex RobotzHotel Coral Essex2006
Fuck The MPAAFuturistic Sex RobotzHotel Coral Essex2006
Hey, LadiesFuturistic Sex RobotzHotel Coral Essex2006
If I Ruled The WorldFuturistic Sex RobotzHotel Coral Essex2006
LiveJournalFuturistic Sex RobotzHotel Coral Essex2006
Snakes On A PlaneFuturistic Sex RobotzHotel Coral Essex2006
Welcome To The InternetFuturistic Sex RobotzHotel Coral Essex2006
WoWFuturistic Sex RobotzHotel Coral Essex2006
Hajimete Kimi to ShabettaGagaga SPNaruto: Best Hit Collection2005
CarsGary NumanCollection1989
Where Everybody Knows Your NameGary Portnoy1982
MicroscopicGasGas 00951996
DominoGenesisInvisible Touch1986
Home by the SeaGenesisGenesis1983
In Too DeepGenesisInvisible Touch1986
Invisible TouchGenesisInvisible Touch1986
Land of ConfusionGenesisInvisible Touch1986
The BrazilianGenesisInvisible Touch1986
Tonight, Tonight, TonightGenesisInvisible Touch1986
Lazy TripGeorge Dziov's AndroidIntrusion 2 Original Soundtrack2012
SchemaeGeorge Dziov's AndroidIntrusion 2 Original Soundtrack2012
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One BeerGeorge ThorogoodPower Trakks 126
William Tell OvertureGioachino Rossini
It's My Life/Confessions Part IIGlee2010
A Moment's PeaceGlideascopeWith Strings Attached EP2003
Mighty Rivers RunGlobusEpicon2006
Orchard of MinesGlobusEpicon2006
Prelude (On Earth as in Heaven)GlobusEpicon2006
Take Me AwayGlobusEpicon2006
99 Red BalloonsGoldfinger99 Red Balloons2000
Acoustic #3Goo Goo DollsEgo, Opinion, Art & Commerce2001
Ain't That UnusualGoo Goo DollsA Boy Named Goo1995
All Eyes on MeGoo Goo DollsEgo, Opinion, Art & Commerce2001
AmigoneGoo Goo DollsDizzy Up The Girl1998
BecomeGoo Goo DollsLet Love In2006
Better DaysGoo Goo DollsLet Love In2006
Big MachineGoo Goo DollsGutterflower2002
Black BalloonGoo Goo DollsDizzy Up The Girl1998
BroadwayGoo Goo DollsDizzy Up The Girl1998
Bullet ProofGoo Goo DollsDizzy Up The Girl1998
Can't Let It GoGoo Goo DollsLet Love In2006
Down on the CornerGoo Goo DollsJed1989
Feel the SilenceGoo Goo DollsLet Love In2006
Girl Right Next To MeGoo Goo DollsSuperstar Car Wash1993
Give a Little BitGoo Goo DollsLet Love In2006
Hate This PlaceGoo Goo DollsDizzy Up The Girl1998
Here is GoneGoo Goo DollsGutterflower2002
IrisGoo Goo DollsDizzy Up the Girl1998
It's OverGoo Goo DollsGutterflower2002
Let Love InGoo Goo DollsLet Love In2006
ListenGoo Goo DollsLet Love In2006
NameGoo Goo DollsA Boy Named Goo1995
SlideGoo Goo DollsDizzy Up The Girl1998
SympathyGoo Goo DollsGutterflower2002
Think About MeGoo Goo DollsGutterflower2002
Tucked AwayGoo Goo DollsGutterflower2002
Two Days in FebruaryGoo Goo DollsHold Me Up1990
Up YoursGoo Goo DollsEgo, Opinion, Art & Commerce2001
Up, Up, UpGoo Goo DollsGutterflower2002
We Are the NormalGoo Goo DollsEgo, Opinion, Art & Commerce2001
We'll Be Here (When You're Gone)Goo Goo DollsLet Love In2006
What a SceneGoo Goo DollsGutterflower2002
Without You HereGoo Goo DollsLet Love In2006
You Know What I MeanGoo Goo DollsHold Me Up1990
Feel Good IncGorillazGorillaz2005
State of the ArtGotyeMaking Mirrors2011
I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home)Grand Funk RailroadCloser to Home1970
Some Kind of WonderfulGrand Funk RailroadGreatest Hits2006
The MessageGrandmaster Flash and the Furious FiveThe Message1982
21 GunsGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
21st Century BreakdownGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
American IdiotGreen DayAmerican Idiot2004
Basket CaseGreen DayDookie1994
Before the LobotomyGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
Boulevard of Broken DreamsGreen DayAmerican Idiot2004
Christian's InfernoGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
East Jesus NowhereGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
HolidayGreen DayAmerican Idiot2004
Last Night on EarthGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
Last of the American GirlsGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
Murder CityGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
PeacemakerGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
Restless Heart SyndromeGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
See the LightGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
The Static AgeGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
Viva La GloriaGreen Day21st Century Breakdown2009
Viva La Gloria [Little Girl]Green Day21st Century Breakdown2009
JeopardyGreg Kihn BandKihnspiracy1983
Auld Lang SyneGregorianChristmas Chants2006
Boulevard of Broken DreamsGregorianMasters of Chant Chapter V2006
Crying in the RainGregorianMasters of Chant Chapter VI2007
Fix YouGregorianMasters of Chant Chapter VI2007
GreensleevesGregorianMasters of Chant Chapter VI2007
HurtGregorianThe Masterpieces2005
JogaGregorianMasters of Chant Chapter VI2007
Mad WorldGregorianMasters of Chant Chapter VI2007
Mercy StreetGregorianMasters of Chant Chapter VI2007
Moment of PeaceGregorianThe Masterpieces2005
MoreGregorianThe Dark Side (Special Rock Edition)
Once in a LifetimeGregorianSadisfaction1991
Only YouGregorianMasters Of Chant Chapter III2002
So SadGregorianSadisfaction1991
Still I'm SadGregorianMasters Of Chant2000
The ForestGregorianMasters of Chant Chapter V2006
The Four HorsemenGregorianThe Dark Side (Special Rock Edition)
The GiftGregorianThe Masterpieces2005
The RavenGregorianThe Dark Side (Special Rock Edition)
We Love YouGregorianMasters of Chant Chapter V2006
Whatcha Gonna DoGregorianSadisfaction1991
Mr BrownstoneGuns N' RosesAppetite for Destruction1987
Paradise CityGuns N' RosesAppetite For Destruction1987
Sweet Child of MineGuns N' RosesAppetite for Destruction1987
Welcome to the JungleGuns N' RosesAppetite for Destruction1987
What Is Love? [7" Mix]HaddawayNight at the Roxbury1998
Star Ocean SummertimeHale-BoppOCRemix2005
ManeaterHall & OatesH2O1982
Out of TouchHall & OatesBig Bam Boom1984
SanctimoniousHaloLunatic Ride2002
The Official Hamster Dance SongHampton the HampsterHampster Dance: The Album2001
Leaving Wallbrook/On the RoadHans ZimmerRain Man: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack1990
MmmbopHansonMiddle of Nowhere1997
Can You Feel the Love Tonight?HarajukuJust One Look1995
PiHard 'n PhirmYTMND Soundtrack - Volume 72005
F-Zero: The Freedom SongHarmonyOCRemix2008
Secret of Mana: Dragon SongHarmonyOCRemix2005
Axel FHarold FaltermeyerBeverly Hills Cop Soundtrack1985
Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)Harry BelafonteSummer Breeze2008
CoconutHarry NilssonNilsson Schmilsson1971
Bohemian RhapsodyHayseed DixieKiller Grass2010
Calling Dr. LoveHayseed DixieKiss My Grass: A Hillbilly Tribute to Kiss2003
CenterfoldHayseed DixieA Hillbilly Tribute to Mountain Love2002
HolidayHayseed DixieA Hot Piece of Grass2005
Monster MashHayseed Dixie2006
PoisonHayseed DixieWeapons of Grass Destruction2007
Rock & Roll All NiteHayseed DixieKiss My Grass: A Hillbilly Tribute to Kiss2003
Won't Get Fooled AgainHayseed DixieKiller Grass2010
BarracudaHeartLittle Queen1977
Mr. TortureHelloweenThe Dark Ride2000
Arcade FinaleHenry JackmanWreck-It Ralph2012
One Minute to Win ItHenry JackmanWreck-It Ralph2012
Rocket FiascoHenry JackmanWreck-It Ralph2012
Royal RacewayHenry JackmanWreck-It Ralph2012
Sugar Rush ShowdownHenry JackmanWreck-It Ralph2012
Wreck-It RalphHenry JackmanWreck-It Ralph2012
You're My HeroHenry JackmanWreck-It Ralph2012
Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know)HinderExtreme Behavior2005
By the WayHinderExtreme Behavior2005
Get StonedHinderExtreme Behavior2005
Homecoming QueenHinderExtreme Behavior2005
How LongHinderExtreme Behavior2005
Lips of an AngelHinderExtreme Behavior2005
Nothin' Good About GoodbyeHinderExtreme Behavior2005
ShouldaHinderExtreme Behavior2005
Another Way OutHollywood UndeadNotes from the Underground2013
BelieveHollywood UndeadNotes from the Underground2013
CaliforniaHollywood UndeadSwan Songs2008
Dead BiteHollywood UndeadNotes from the Underground2013
DelishHollywood UndeadNotes from the Underground2013
From the GroundHollywood UndeadNotes from the Underground2013
Hear Me NowHollywood UndeadAmerican Tragedy2011
LionHollywood UndeadNotes from the Underground2013
OutsideHollywood UndeadNotes from the Underground2013
RainHollywood UndeadNotes from the Underground2013
This Love, This HateHollywood UndeadSwan Songs2008
Up in SmokeHollywood UndeadNotes from the Underground2013
We AreHollywood UndeadNotes from the Underground2013
We Are (J-Dog & Killtron Remix)Hollywood UndeadNotes from the Underground2013
YoungHollywood UndeadSwan Songs2008
Connected [*]HoobastankHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
The ReasonHoobastankThe Reason2003
DrowningHootie & The BlowfishCracked Rear View1994
Hannah JaneHootie & The BlowfishCracked Rear View1994
Hold My HandHootie & The BlowfishCracked Rear View1994
I'm Goin' HomeHootie & The BlowfishCracked Rear View1994
Let Her CryHootie & The BlowfishCracked Rear View1994
Not Even The TreesHootie & The BlowfishCracked Rear View1994
Only Wanna Be With YouHootie & The BlowfishCracked Rear View1994
Running From An AngelHootie & The BlowfishCracked Rear View1994
TimeHootie & The BlowfishCracked Rear View1994
Cortex Command Intro / ThemeHubnester IndustriesCortex Command Soundtrack2006
The Power of LoveHuey Lewis & the NewsBack to the Future: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack1985
The Third EyeIbizarreAmbient Collection, Vol. 22001
Proud MaryIke & Tina TurnerWorkin' Together1971
Bleeding OutImagine DragonsNight Visions2012
DemonsImagine DragonsNight Visions2012
It's TimeImagine DragonsNight Visions2012
On Top of the WorldImagine DragonsNight Visions2012
RadioactiveImagine DragonsNight Visions2012
TiptoeImagine DragonsNight Visions2012
Working ManImagine DragonsNight Visions2012
2nd Movement of the OdysseyIncubusHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
3rd Movement of the OdysseyIncubusHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
4th Movement of the OdysseyIncubusHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
CleanIncubusMake Yourself1999
ConsequenceIncubusMake Yourself1999
DriveIncubusMake Yourself1999
Follow (1st Movement of the Odyssey)IncubusHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
I Miss YouIncubusMake Yourself1999
Make YourselfIncubusMake Yourself1999
Nowhere FastIncubusMake Yourself1999
Pardon MeIncubusMake Yourself1999
PrivilegeIncubusMake Yourself1999
StellarIncubusMake Yourself1999
The WarmthIncubusMake Yourself1999
When It ComesIncubusMake Yourself1999
Bad Boys (Theme From Cops)Inner CircleBad Boys1993
MiraclesInsane Clown PosseBang! Pow! Boom!2009
Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)INXSListen Like Thieves1985
Drunken SailorIrish Rovers40 Years A-Rovin'2005
In-A-Gadda-Da-VidaIron ButterflyIn-A-Gadda-Da-Vida1968
2 Minutes to MidnightIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
Aces HighIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
Be Quick or Be DeadIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
Bring Your Daughter... to the SlaughterIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
Can I Play with MadnessIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
Fear of the Dark [Live]Iron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
Hallowed Be Thy NameIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
Man on the EdgeIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
Run to the HillsIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
Running Free [Live]Iron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
The ClairvoyantIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
The Evil That Men DoIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
The Number of the BeastIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
The TrooperIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
VirusIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
Wasted YearsIron MaidenThe Best of the Beast1996
Alexander the GreatIron MaskHordes of the Brave2005
Crystal TearsIron MaskHordes of the Brave2005
Demon's ChildIron MaskHordes of the Brave2005
High in the SkyIron MaskHordes of the Brave2005
My Eternal FlameIron MaskHordes of the Brave2005
The Invisible EmpireIron MaskHordes of the Brave2005
Troops of AvalonIron MaskHordes of the Brave2005
Before DawnIsaac ShepardSwept Away2005
Over the RainbowIsrael Kamakawiwo'oleFacing Future1993
Theme from ShaftIssac HayesShaft1971
Deeper UndergroundJamiroquaiDynamite [Bonus DVD]2005
Crockett's ThemeJan HammerCrockett's Theme1987
Miami Vice ThemeJan HammerMiami Vice Soundtrack1985
CoyotesJason MrazWe Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.2008
I'm YoursJason MrazWe Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.2008
Pokémon ThemeJason PaigePokémon 2.B.A. Master1999
Izzo/In the EndJay-Z, Linkin ParkCollision Course2004
Numb/EncoreJay-Z, Linkin ParkCollision Course2004
Street Fighter 2 The Ken SongjdprojectOCRemix2004
Horrible CreditsJed WhedonDr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog2008
Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)Jerry Calliste Jr.2002
Canon RockJerry Chang
Bungle in the JungleJethro TullWar Child1974
F-Zero: The Flood PlainJigginJonTOCRemix2006
I Love Rock N' RollJoan JettWayne's World 21993
A Little Bit of EcstasyJocelyn EnriquezNight at the Roxbury1998
ROBOVoiceJoe RediferOCRemix2001
(You're) My WorldJoe SatrianiJoe Satriani1995
Chords of LifeJoe SatrianiStrange Beautiful Music2002
Cool #9Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani1995
Crowd ChantJoe SatrianiSuper Colossal2006
HomeJoe SatrianiJoe Satriani1995
I Like the RainJoe SatrianiIs There Love in Space?2004
IfJoe SatrianiJoe Satriani1995
If I Could FlyJoe SatrianiIs There Love in Space?2004
Just Look UpJoe SatrianiIs There Love in Space?2004
Killer Bee BopJoe SatrianiJoe Satriani1995
LifestyleJoe SatrianiIs There Love in Space?2004
Look My WayJoe SatrianiJoe Satriani1995
Luminous Flesh GiantsJoe SatrianiJoe Satriani1995
Moroccan SunsetJoe SatrianiJoe Satriani1995
S.M.F.Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani1995
Sittin' 'RoundJoe SatrianiJoe Satriani1995
Slow Down Blues, Pt. 1 & 2Joe SatrianiJoe Satriani1995
The Souls of DistortionJoe SatrianiIs There Love in Space?2004
Anomalous MaterialsJoel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
ApprehensionJoel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
Black Mesa ThemeJoel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
Blast Pit 2Joel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
Blast Pit 3Joel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
End Credits Part 1Joel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
End Credits Part 2Joel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
Forget About FreemanJoel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
Office ComplexJoel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
Questionable Ethics 1Joel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
Surface Tension 2Joel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
Surface Tension 3Joel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
Surface Tension 4Joel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
We've Got HostilesJoel NielsenBlack Mesa Soundtrack2012
Canon in D MajorJohann Pachelbel1680
Follow MeJohn DenverJohn Denver Greatest Hits1973
For BabyJohn DenverJohn Denver Greatest Hits1973
Goodbye AgainJohn DenverJohn Denver Greatest Hits1973
Leaving on a Jet PlaneJohn DenverJohn Denver Greatest Hits1973
Rhymes and ReasonsJohn DenverJohn Denver Greatest Hits1973
Rocky Mountain HighJohn DenverJohn Denver Greatest Hits1973
Starwood in AspenJohn DenverJohn Denver Greatest Hits1973
Sunshine on My ShoulderJohn DenverJohn Denver Greatest Hits1973
Take Me HomeJohn DenverJohn Denver Greatest Hits1973
The Eagle and the HawkJohn DenverJohn Denver Greatest Hits1973
CenterfieldJohn FogertyCenterfield1985
Missing YouJohn WaiteNo Brakes1984
March of the Jedi KnightsJohn WilliamsSpace Themes1990
Theme From Jurassic ParkJohn WilliamsJurassic Park: Soundtrack1993
Solitary ManJohnny CashAmerican III: Solitary Man2000
Secret Agent ManJohnny Rivers1963
Re: Your BrainsJonathan CoultonThing a Week Two2006
Skullcrusher MountainJonathan CoultonWhere Tradition Meets Tomorrow2004
Still Alive (J.C. Mix)Jonathan CoultonThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Sunshine (Go Away Today)Jonathon EdwardsJonathan Edwards1971
Would You Go with MeJosh TurnerYour Man2006
Any Way You Want ItJourneyGreatest Hits1988
Ask the LonelyJourneyGreatest Hits1988
Be Good To YourselfJourneyGreatest Hits1988
Don't Stop Believin'JourneyGreatest Hits1988
Only the YoungJourneyGreatest Hits1988
Open ArmsJourneyGreatest Hits1988
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)JourneyGreatest Hits1988
Wheel in the SkyJourneyGreatest Hits1988
Who's Crying NowJourneyGreatest Hits1988
You've Got Another Thing Comin'Judas PriestScreaming for Vengeance1982
Zelda 64 GerudoJVJVOCRemix2000
Don't You CryKamelotKarma2001
Regalis AperturaKamelotKarma2001
Temples of GoldKamelotKarma2001
The Light I Shine on YouKamelotKarma2001
Carry On Wayward SonKansasLeftoverture1976
Dust in the WindKansasPoint of Know Return1977
Walking on SunshineKatrina and the WavesWalking on Sunshine1983
WoW Vent Nerd RemixKayne
No Booty CallsKellyShoes2006
Txt Msg BrkupKellyShoes2006
Where Do You Think You're Going in That? (Revisited)KellyShoes2006
Combine HarvesterKelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
CP ViolationKelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
Hard FoughtKelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
Hazardous EnviromentsKelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
KaonKelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
Lambda CoreKelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
LG OrbifoldKelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
Something Secret Steers UsKelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
Tau-9Kelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
Tracking DeviceKelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
Triage at DawnKelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
You're Not Supposed to Be HereKelly BaileyHalf-Life 2: Official Soundtrack2004
BreakawayKelly ClarksonBreakaway2004
Aquatic Ambience ReturnsKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Blast BlastKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Cranky's ThemeKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Credits ConcertoKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Crowded CavernKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Damp DungeonKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
DK Island Swing ReturnsKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Donkey Kong Country ReturnsKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Fear Factory (Music Madness Mix)Kenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
King of ClingKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Life in the Mines ReturnsKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Mugly's MoundKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Northern Hemisphere ReturnsKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Palm Tree GrooveKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Poppin PlanksKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Roasting RailsKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Ruin RhapsodyKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Sloppy SandsKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Sticky SituationKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Stormy ShoreKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Thugly's HighriseKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Tiki TongKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Treetop Rock ReturnsKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
Voices of the Temple ReturnsKenji YamamotoDonkey Kong Country Returns OSV2010
FootlooseKenny LogginsFootloose Soundtrack1984
If You Wanna Be HappyKid Creole & The CoconutsKid Creole Redux2003
BawitdabaKid RockDevil Without a Cause1998
CockyKid RockCocky2001
CowboyKid RockDevil Without a Cause1998
Devil Without a CauseKid RockDevil Without a Cause1998
F-ck OffKid RockDevil Without a Cause1998
Fist of RageKid RockDevil Without a Cause1998
ForeverKid RockCocky2001
I Am the BullgodKid RockDevil Without a Cause1998
I'm Wrong, But You Ain't RightKid RockCocky2001
Lay It on MeKid RockCocky2001
Lonely Road of FaithKid RockCocky2001
Midnight Train to MemphisKid RockCocky2001
Only God Knows WhyKid RockDevil Without a Cause1998
Somebody's Gotta Feel ThisKid RockDevil Without a Cause1998
Trucker AnthemKid RockCocky2001
Wasting TimeKid RockDevil Without a Cause1998
Welcome 2 the Party (Ode 2 the Old School)Kid RockDevil Without a Cause1998
What I Learned out on the RoadKid RockCocky2001
Where U at RockKid RockDevil Without a Cause1998
You Never Met a Motherf**ker Quite Like MeKid RockCocky2001
Kids In AmericaKim WildeKim Wilde1981
Calling Dr. LoveKissThe Very Best of Kiss2002
Christine SixteenKissThe Very Best of Kiss2002
Detroit Rock CityKissThe Very Best of Kiss2002
God Gave Rock & Roll to You IIKissThe Very Best of Kiss2002
Love GunKissThe Very Best of Kiss2002
Rock and Roll All NiteKissThe Very Best of Kiss2002
Rock and Roll All Nite [Live]Kiss20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Kiss2003
Shout It Out LoudKissThe Very Best of Kiss2002
StrutterKissThe Very Best of Kiss2002
Chrono Trigger Town Life in PianokLuTzOCRemix2002
Donkey Kong Country Jungle StompKooper909OCRemix2002
Alone I BreakKornGreatest Hits, Vol. 1 Disc 12004
Did My TimeKornGreatest Hits, Vol. 1 Disc 12004
Freak on a LeashKornGreatest Hits, Vol. 1 Disc 12004
Got the LifeKornGreatest Hits, Vol. 1 Disc 12004
The Wall Pts.1-3KornGreatest Hits, Vol. 1 Disc 12004
TrashKornGreatest Hits, Vol. 1 Disc 12004
Y'All Want a SingleKornGreatest Hits, Vol. 1 Disc 12004
Gaudium Et FelicitasKrypteriaLiberatio2005
The BreaksKurtis Blow1980
Gate Operator, Open the Gates!Kyle GablerSoundtrack2012
Little Inferno Just for MeKyle GablerSoundtrack2012
Little Inferno TitlesKyle GablerSoundtrack2012
Reporting From the Weather BalloonKyle GablerSoundtrack2012
Be My Lover [Club Mix]La BoucheNight at the Roxbury1998
Need You NowLady AntebellumNeed You Now2010
GloriaLaura BraniganBranigan1982
Self ControlLaura BraniganSelf Control1984
Dazed and ConfusedLed ZeppelinBBC Sessions Disc 21997
Immigrant SongLed ZeppelinBBC Sessions Disc 21997
Stairway to HeavenLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IV1971
BRODYQUESTLemon DemonN/A2010
The Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate DestinyLemon DemonDinosaurchestra2006
CloserLemon JellyLost Horizons2002
ElementsLemon JellyLost Horizons2002
Experiment Number SixLemon JellyLost Horizons2002
Nice Weather for DucksLemon JellyLost Horizons2002
Ramblin' ManLemon JellyLost Horizons2002
Return to PatagoniaLemon JellyLost Horizons2002
Space WalkLemon JellyLost Horizons2002
The Curse of Ka'zarLemon JellyLost Horizons2002
If I Had a HammerLeonard NimoyThe Way I Feel1967
RelationshitLiam SullivanRelationshit2006
Almost OverLimp BizkitResults May Vary2003
Behind Blue EyesLimp BizkitResults May Vary2003
Build a BridgeLimp BizkitResults May Vary2003
Creamer (Radio Is Dead)Limp BizkitResults May Vary2003
Full NelsonLimp BizkitChocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water Disc 12000
Hot DogLimp BizkitChocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water Disc 12000
My GenerationLimp BizkitChocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water Disc 12000
Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)Limp BizkitChocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water Disc 12000
Take a Look AroundLimp BizkitChocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavored Water Disc 12000
Go InsaneLindsey BuckinghamGo Insane1984
I Must GoLindsey BuckinghamGo Insane1984
Play in the RainLindsey BuckinghamGo Insane1984
Play in the Rain (Continued)Lindsey BuckinghamGo Insane1984
BlackoutLinkin ParkA Thousand Suns2010
Bleed It OutLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
Breaking the HabitLinkin ParkMeteora2003
Burn It DownLinkin ParkLiving Things2012
Burning in the SkiesLinkin ParkA Thousand Suns2010
By MyselfLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
Castle of GlassLinkin ParkLiving Things2012
CrawlingLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
Cure for the ItchLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
Don't StayLinkin ParkMeteora2003
Easier to RunLinkin ParkMeteora2003
FaintLinkin ParkMeteora2003
FalloutLinkin ParkA Thousand Suns2010
Figure.09Linkin ParkMeteora2003
ForgottenLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
Frgt/10Linkin ParkReanimation2002
From the InsideLinkin ParkMeteora2003
Given UpLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
Hands Held HighLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
Hit the FloorLinkin ParkMeteora2003
In BetweenLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
In My RemainsLinkin ParkLiving Things2012
In PiecesLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
In the EndLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
IridescentLinkin ParkA Thousand Suns2010
KrwlngLinkin ParkReanimation
Kyur4 Th IchLinkin ParkReanimation
Leave Out All The RestLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
Lost in the EchoLinkin ParkLiving Things2012
Lying from YouLinkin ParkMeteora2003
My December [Live]Linkin ParkSomewhere I Belong [Canada CD]2003
MyLinkin ParkReanimation
No More SorrowLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
Nobody's ListeningLinkin ParkMeteora2003
NumbLinkin ParkMeteora2003
One Step CloserLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
OpeningLinkin ParkReanimation2002
PapercutLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
Place for My HeadLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
Plc.4 Mie HaedLinkin ParkReanimation2002
Points of AuthorityLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
PowerlessLinkin ParkLiving Things2012
Ppr:KutLinkin ParkReanimation2002
Pushing Me AwayLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
Rnw@yLinkin ParkReanimation
Roads UntraveledLinkin ParkLiving Things2012
Robot BoyLinkin ParkA Thousand Suns2010
RunawayLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
SessionLinkin ParkMeteora2003
Shadow Of The DayLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
Somewhere I BelongLinkin ParkMeteora2003
Step Up [Live]Linkin ParkSomewhere I Belong [Canada CD]2003
The CatalystLinkin ParkA Thousand Suns2010
The Little Things You Give AwayLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
The MessengerLinkin ParkA Thousand Suns2010
Valentine's DayLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
Waiting for the EndLinkin ParkA Thousand Suns2010
WakeLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
What I've DoneLinkin ParkMinutes To Midnight2007
When They Come for MeLinkin ParkA Thousand Suns2010
With YouLinkin ParkHybrid Theory2000
Wretches and KingsLinkin ParkA Thousand Suns2010
FunkytownLipps Inc.Mouth to Mouth1979
The Dolphin's CryLiveThe Distance to Here1999
Cult of PersonalityLiving ColourEverything Is Possible: The Very Best of Living Colour2006
Ievan PolkkaLoitumaThings of Beauty1995
Macarena (Bay Side Boys Remix)Los Del RioFiesta Macarena1996
Lost in SpaceLoudCoreLoudCore2010
F-Zero Blue VacationLousySpyOCRemix2002
Dangerous BastardLove Fist
Working for the WeekendLoverboyGet Lucky1981
AenigmaLuca TurilliProphet of the Last Eclipse2007
Black DragonLuca TurilliKing Of The Nordic Twilight1999
DemonheartLuca TurilliProphet of the Last Eclipse2007
King Of The Nordic TwilightLuca TurilliKing Of The Nordic Twilight1999
Lord of the Winter SnowLuca TurilliKing Of The Nordic Twilight1999
New Century's TarantellaLuca TurilliProphet of the Last Eclipse2007
Prince of the StarlightLuca TurilliProphet of the Last Eclipse2007
Prophet of the Last EclipseLuca TurilliProphet of the Last Eclipse2007
Rider of the Astral FireLuca TurilliProphet of the Last Eclipse2007
The Age of Mystic IceLuca TurilliProphet of the Last Eclipse2007
The Ancient Forest Of ElvesLuca TurilliKing Of The Nordic Twilight1999
Throne Of IceLuca TurilliKing Of The Nordic Twilight1999
Timeless OceansLuca TurilliProphet of the Last Eclipse2007
To Magic HorizonsLuca TurilliKing Of The Nordic Twilight1999
War of the UniverseLuca TurilliProphet of the Last Eclipse2007
Where Heroes LieLuca TurilliKing Of The Nordic Twilight1999
Zaephyr Skies' ThemeLuca TurilliProphet of the Last Eclipse2007
Never Too MuchLuther VandrossNever Too Much1981
Free BirdLynyrd SkynyrdMeet Joe Black1999
Sweet Home AlabamaLynyrd SkynyrdSecond Helping1974
Miss MurderessMacbethMalae Artes2005
Player OneMachinae SupremacyDeus Ex Machinae2004
Our HouseMadnessThe Rise & Fall1982
He's a Pirate (Dance Remix)MaestroRage
Artura Dublin DelightMakkeOCRemix2005
Blinded by the LightManfred Mann's Earth BandThe Roaring Silence1976
Drunken SailorManolo Camp2003
Walking In MemphisMarc CohnMarc Cohn1991
I Don't Like The DrugsMarilyn MansonMechanical Animals1998
Rock is DeadMarilyn MansonMechanical Animals1998
Bubba Shot The JukeboxMark ChesnuttLongnecks & Short Stories1992
Three BrothersMark MancinaBrother Bear: Original Soundtrack2003
She Will Be LovedMaroon 5Songs About Jane2002
This LoveMaroon 5Songs About Jane2002
Earth CityMartin ODonnellHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
Flawed LegacyMartin ODonnellHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
Ghosts of ReachMartin ODonnellHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
Halo Theme Mjolnir MixMartin ODonnellHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
Heretic, HeroMartin ODonnellHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
ImpendMartin ODonnellHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
In Amber CladMartin ODonnellHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
Never SurrenderMartin ODonnellHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
PerilMartin ODonnellHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
RemembranceMartin ODonnellHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
The Last SpartanMartin ODonnellHalo 2, Vol. 1 [Original Soundtrack]2004
Classical GasMason WilliamsThe Mason Williams Phonograph Record1968
From the WreckageMass EffectMass Effect2007
M4 - Part IIMass EffectMass Effect2007
Mass Effect ThemeMass EffectMass Effect2007
Spectre InductionMass EffectMass Effect2007
Super Mario Kart Trippin' On RainbowsMazedudeOCRemix2002
Floating BridgeMC FrontalotNerdcore Rising
Message No. 419MC FrontalotNerdcore Rising
PrayMC HammerPlease Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em1990
U Can't Touch ThisMC HammerPlease Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em1990
All My Shootings Be DrivebysMC HawkingA Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits2004
Big BizangMC HawkingA Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits2004
E=MC HawkingMC HawkingA Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits2004
EntropyMC HawkingA Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits2004
Excerpt from a radio interview (part 1)MC HawkingA Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits2004
Excerpt from a radio interview (part 2)MC HawkingA Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits2004
Excerpt from a radio interview (part 3)MC HawkingA Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits2004
GTA3MC HawkingA Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits2004
QuakeMasterMC Hawking
The Hawkman ComethMC HawkingA Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits2004
The Mighty Stephen HawkingMC HawkingA Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits2004
What We Need More is ScienceMC HawkingA Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits2004
Donkey Kong Country Ambient GeminiMcVaffeOCRemix2000
Final Fantasy 9 MelodiesofLife ArrangedMcVaffeOCRemix2000
Super Mario 64 Liquid MarioMcVaffeOCRemix2000
Yoshi's Island Yoshi's LullabyMcVaffeOCRemix
I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)Meat LoafBat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell1993
Paradise by the Dashboard LightMeat LoafBat Out of Hell1977
Star WarsMecoStar Wars and Other Galactic Funk1977
Angry AgainMegadethLast Action Hero: Music From The Original Motion Picture1993
Peace SellsMegadethPeace Sells... but Who's Buying?1986
Symphony of DestructionMegadethCountdown to Extinction1992
Down UnderMen at WorkBusiness As Usual1981
Who Can It Be Now?Men At WorkBusiness as Usual1982
The Safety DanceMen Without HatsRhythm of Youth1982
Enter SandmanMetallicaMetallica1991
One (StarCraft Mix)MetallicaAnd Justice For All1998
Sad but TrueMetallicaMetallica1991
Star Wars Imperial MarchMetallicaMetallica Instrumental
The UnforgivenMetallicaMetallica1991
Beat ItMichael JacksonThriller [Bonus Tracks]2001
ThrillerMichael JacksonThriller [Bonus Tracks]2001
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'Michael JacksonFever 1052002
ManiacMichael SembelloBossa Nova Hotel1983
Windows Welcome MusicMicrosoftWindows Welcome Music
Lifeforce Tactile FreefallMidee, prozaxOCRemix2004
Call of the WildMidge UreCall of the Wild1986
AmarokMike OldfieldAmarok1990
Tubular BellsMike OldfieldThe Exorsist1997
Bittersweet Symphony (Remix)Moby
I Melt with YouModern EnglishAfter the Snow1982
Float onModest MouseGood News for People Who Love Bad News2004
19 WitchesMonster MagnetPowertrip1998
Look to Your Orb for the WarningMonster MagnetDopes to Infinity1995
See You In HellMonster MagnetPowertrip1998
Space LordMonster MagnetPowertrip1998
James Bond ThemeMonty Norman OrchestraDr. No1963
The NightMorphineThe Night2000
Girls, Girls, GirlsMötley CrüeGirls, Girls, Girls1987
Kickstart My HeartMötley CrüeDr. Feelgood1989
Shout at the DevilMötley CrüeShout at the Devil1983
Too Young to Fall in LoveMötley CrüeShout at the Devil1983
To Be With YouMr. BigLean into It1991
Magic's WandMr. Magic2002
Broken WingsMr. MisterWelcome to the Real World1985
Burning Heat! (Full Option Mix)Mr.TBeatmania IIDX 7th Style Original Soundtrack2002
One Night in BangkokMurray HeadChess OST1984
CancerMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
Dead!My Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
DisenchantedMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
Famous Last WordsMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
House of WolvesMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
I Don't Love YouMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
MamaMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
SleepMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
TeenagersMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
The EndMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
The Sharpest LivesMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
This Is How I DisappearMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
Welcome to the Black ParadeMy Chemical RomanceThe Black Parade2006
I CanNasGod's Son2002
Sweet CarolineNeil DiamondHis 12 Greatest Hits1974
Brand New DayNeil Patrick HarrisDr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog2008
Everything You EverNeil Patrick HarrisDr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog2008
My EyesNeil Patrick Harris & Felicia DayDr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog2008
A Man's Gotta DoNeil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion & Felicia DayDr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog2008
Rockin' in the Free WorldNeil YoungFreedom1989
99 LuftballonsNena99 Luftballons1984
99 Red BalloonsNena99 Luftballons1984
Dolphins Make Me CryNevioNevio2007
Dr. MarioNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Fire EmblemNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Fountain of DreamsNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Great Bay ShrineNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Green GreensNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Jungle GardenNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
OpeningNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Original MedleyNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Planet CorneriaNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Planet VenomNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Pokemon MedleyNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Rainbow CruiseNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Smash Bros. Great MedleyNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
Yoshi's StoryNew Japan PhilharmonicSuper Smash Bros. Melee Concert2002
AnimalsNickelbackAll the Right Reasons2005
Feeling Way Too Damn GoodNickelbackThe Long Road2003
Gotta Be SomebodyNickelbackDark Horse2008
If Everyone CaredNickelbackAll the Right Reasons2005
PhotographNickelbackAll the Right Reasons2005
RockstarNickelbackAll the Right Reasons2005
Savin' MeNickelbackAll the Right Reasons2005
Night RangerNight RangerDawn Patrol1982
Sister ChristianNight RangerEmotion 98.32002
7 Days to the WolvesNightwishDark Passion Play2007
AmaranthNightwishDark Passion Play2007
Bless The ChildNightwishCentury Child2002
Bye Bye BeatifulNightwishDark Passion Play2007
Cadence of Her Last BreathNightwishDark Passion Play2007
End of All HopeNightwishCentury Child2002
EvaNightwishDark Passion Play2007
For the Heart I Once HadNightwishDark Passion Play2007
Last of the WildsNightwishDark Passion Play2007
Master Passion GreedNightwishDark Passion Play2007
Meadows of HeavenNightwishDark Passion Play2007
Over the Hills And Far AwayNightwishOver the Hills And Far Away2001
Planet HellNightwishOnce2004
SaharaNightwishDark Passion Play2007
The IslanderNightwishDark Passion Play2007
The Poet and the PendulumNightwishDark Passion Play2007
Whoever Brings the NightNightwishDark Passion Play2007
Bob-Omb Battlefield [Super Mario 64]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Bowser's Airship [Super Mario Bros. 3]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Dark World Woods [The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Dialga & Palkia Battle [Pokemon Diamond/Pearl]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
DK Island Swing [Super Smash Bros. Brawl: The Subspace Emisary]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Dragon Roost Island [The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Environmental Noises [Pikmin]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Go K.K. Rider! [Animal Crossing]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Hidden Village [The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Hyrule Field [The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Jungle Hijinx (Another) [Donkey Kong Country]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
K.K. Condor [Animal Crossing]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
K.K. Western [Animal Crossing]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Kakariko Village [The Legend of Zelda]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
King K. Rool [Donkey Kong Country]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Legend of Zelda Main Theme [The Legend of Zelda]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Hyrule SymphonyNintendo
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Zelda Main ThemeNintendo
Map/Bonus Room [Donkey Kong Country]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Multi-Man Melee [Super Smash Bros. Melee]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Museum ThemeNintendo2002
Mute City [F-Zero]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
New Pork City [MOTHER 3]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Nintendo - Super Mario Brothers Theme SongNintendo
Ocarina of Time Medley [The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Overworld [New Super Mario Bros.]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Overworld [Super Mario Bros.]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Pictochat [Nintendo DS]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Pokemon Center [Pokemon Red/Blue]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Pokemon Colosseum IntroNintendoVideo Game Music
Pokemon Colosseum Intro 2NintendoVideo Game Music
Pokemon Colosseum Town 1NintendoVideo Game Music
Pokemon Colosseum Town 2NintendoVideo Game Music
Pokemon Colosseum TravelingNintendoVideo Game Music
Pokémon Battle ThemeNintendoYTMND Soundtrack - Volume 112006
Rainbow Road [Mario Kart: Double Dash!]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Route 209 [Pokemon Diamond/Pearl]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
SSBM Big BlueNintendoVideo Game Music
SSBM Fountain of DreamsNintendoVideo Game Music
SSBM IntroNintendoVideo Game Music
Stickerbrush Symphony [Donkey Kong Country 2]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Super Mario 64 CreditsNintendo1996
Super Mario Bros. 3 [Super Smash Bros. Melee]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Title/Ending [Super Mario World]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Underwater [Super Mario Bros.]NintendoSuper Smash Bros. Brawl OST2008
Yoshi's Island IntroNintendo
Come as You AreNirvanaNevermind1991
Heart Shaped BoxNirvanaIn Utero1993
Rape MeNirvanaIn Utero1993
Smells Like Teen SpiritNirvanaNevermind1991
Don't SpeakNo DoubtTragic Kingdom1995
Where Do You Go [Ocean Drive Mix]No MercyNight at the Roxbury1998
Girl in the SeaNo More KingsNo More Kings2007
God BreathedNo More KingsNo More Kings2007
Grand ExperimentNo More KingsNo More Kings2007
Leaving LilliputNo More KingsNo More Kings2007
Michael (Jump In)No More KingsNo More Kings2007
Mr. BNo More KingsNo More Kings2007
Old Man WalkingNo More KingsNo More Kings2007
SomedayNo More KingsNo More Kings2007
Sweep the LegNo More KingsNo More Kings2007
ThisNo More KingsNo More Kings2007
UmbrellaNo More KingsNo More Kings2007
Zombie MeNo More KingsNo More Kings2007
Nakushita KotobaNo Regret Life2005
Dragostea din teiO-ZoneDiscO-Zone2004
Dragostea din tei (Crystal mix)O-ZoneDiscO-Zone2004
Dragostea din tei (English)O-ZoneDiscO-Zone2004
Dragostea din tei (Nectar mix)O-ZoneDiscO-Zone2004
Halcyon + on + onOrbitalHackers Original Soundtrack1996
One Tin SoldierOriginal Caste1969
Cave InOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
Dental CareOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
FirefliesOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
Hello SeattleOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
Hello Seattle (Remix)Owl CityOcean Eyes2009
If My Heart Was a HouseOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
Meteor ShowerOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
On the WingOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
The Bird and the WormOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
The Saltwater RoomOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
The Tip of the IcebergOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
Tidal WaveOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
Umbrella BeachOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
Vanilla TwilightOwl CityOcean Eyes2009
When Can I See You Again?Owl CityWreck-It Ralph2012
Another Quiet Night in EnglandOysterbandTrawler1994
One Green HillOysterbandTrawler1995
Bark at the MoonOzzy OsbourneBark at the Moon1983
Crazy TrainOzzy OsbourneBlizzard of Ozz1980
Diary of a MadmanOzzy OsbourneDiary of a Madman1981
HellraiserOzzy OsbourneNo More Tears1991
Mr. CrowleyOzzy OsbourneBlizzard of Ozz1980
No More TearsOzzy OsbourneNo More Tears1991
Time After TimeOzzy OsbourneNo More Tears1991
Set Adrift On Memory BlissP.M. DawnOf the Heart, of the Soul and of the Cross: The Utopian Experience1991
Folkin' AroundPanic! at the DiscoPretty. Odd.2008
I Write Sins Not TragediesPanic! at the DiscoA Fever You Can't Sweat Out2005
Nine in the AfternoonPanic! at the DiscoPretty. Odd.2008
She Had the WorldPanic! at the DiscoPretty. Odd.2008
That Green Gentlemen (Things Have Changed)Panic! at the DiscoPretty. Odd.2008
The Piano Knows Something I Don't KnowPanic! at the DiscoPretty. Odd.2008
Cemetery GatesPanteraCowboys from Hell1990
Last ResortPapa RoachInfest2000
Super Mario 64 The Alternate RouteParagonX9OCRemix2004
Love is a BattlefieldPat BenatarLive from Earth1983
Band on the RunPaul McCartney & WingsBand on the Run1973
Brainchild - Symmetry C (Lange Breakbeat Remix)Paul OakenfoldEssential Selection Vol. One2001
Dread RockPaul OakenfoldThe Matrix Reloaded: The Album2003
Jan Johnston - Flesh (Tilt Mix)Paul OakenfoldEssential Selection Vol. One2001
Jaya - Precession (Subterranean EP)Paul OakenfoldEssential Selection Vol. One2001
Mono Culture - Free (Extended Vocal Mix)Paul OakenfoldEssential Selection Vol. One2001
Moogwai - Viola (Original Mix)Paul OakenfoldEssential Selection Vol. One2001
Perfect State - Perfect State (Original Mix)Paul OakenfoldEssential Selection Vol. One2001
Philippe Van Mullem - Secret Folder (Pt. 1 & 2)Paul OakenfoldEssential Selection Vol. One2001
Ready Steady Go (Album Version)Paul OakenfoldBunkka2002
Skip Raider Featuring Jada - Another DayPaul OakenfoldEssential Selection Vol. One2001
Solar Stone - Seven CitiesPaul OakenfoldEssential Selection Vol. One2001
The Unknown - The SpiritPaul OakenfoldEssential Selection Vol. One2001
Z2 - I Want YouPaul OakenfoldEssential Selection Vol. One2001
You Can Call Me AlPaul SimonGraceland1986
AlivePearl JamTen1991
BlackPearl JamTen1991
Even FlowPearl JamTen1991
GardenPearl JamTen1991
JeremyPearl JamTen1991
OceansPearl JamTen1991
9,000 MilesPendulumIn Silico2008
Blood SugarPendulumHold Your Colour2007
Blood SugarPendulumBlood Sugar2007
DifferentPendulumIn Silico2008
Girl in the FirePendulumHold Your Colour2007
GranitePendulumIn Silico2008
Hold Your ColourPendulumHold Your Colour2007
Midnight RunnerPendulumIn Silico2008
MutinyPendulumIn Silico2008
Out HerePendulumHold Your Colour2007
Propane NightmaresPendulumIn Silico2008
Self vs Self (feat. In Flames)PendulumImmersion2010
SlamPendulumHold Your Colour2007
StreamlinePendulumHold Your Colour2007
The Fountain (feat. Steven Wilson)PendulumImmersion2010
The Island - Pt. I (Dawn)PendulumImmersion2010
The Other SidePendulumIn Silico2008
The TempestPendulumIn Silico2008
VisionsPendulumIn Silico2008
Go WestPet Shop BoysVery1993
It's A SinPet Shop BoysActually1987
Solsbury HillPeter GabrielPeter Gabriel1977
Major Tom (Coming Home)Peter SchillingError in the System1983
Another Day In ParadisePhil Collins...But Seriously1989
Great SpiritsPhil CollinsBrother Bear: Original Soundtrack2003
In The Air TonightPhil CollinsFace Value1981
Look Through My EyesPhil CollinsBrother Bear: Original Soundtrack2003
On My WayPhil CollinsBrother Bear: Original Soundtrack2003
The Roof is LeakingPhil CollinsFace Value1981
WelcomePhil CollinsBrother Bear: Original Soundtrack2003
Complete History of the Soviet Union, Arranged to the Melody of TetrisPig with the Face of a Boy2010
Comfortably NumbPink FloydThe Wall1979
The Wall Pt. 2Pink FloydThe Wall1972
Hey There DelilahPlain White T'sAll That We Needed2005
AutomaticPointer SistersFever 1052002
Jerry Was a Race Car DriverPrimusSailing the Seas of Cheese1991
Wynona's Big Brown BeaverPrimusTales from the Punchbowl1995
When Doves CryPrince and The RevolutionPurple Rain1984
MindfieldsProdigyThe Fat of the Land1997
Donkey Kong Country Chekan WinterProphecyOCRemix2005
Donkey Kong Country 2 BramblesintheBreezeProtricityOCRemix2002
ControlPuddle of MuddCome Clean2001
Like a FriendPulpThis Is Hardcore1998
Feel like pwning noobsPure PwnagePure Pwnage Soundtrack2004
Feel like pwning noobs Ep12Pure PwnagePure Pwnage Soundtrack2004
Get outta myspacePure PwnagePure Pwnage Soundtrack2004
I'm a gamerPure PwnagePure Pwnage Soundtrack2004
teh noob songPure PwnagePure Pwnage Soundtrack2004
World of Warcraft is a FeelingPure PwnagePure Pwnage Soundtrack2004
World of Warcraft is a Feeling (Dance Mix)Pure PwnagePure Pwnage Soundtrack2004
Goodbye HorsesQ Lazzarus1988
Child (Inside)Qkumba ZooWake Up and Dream1996
A Kind Of MagicQueenGreatest Hits II1991
Bicycle RaceQueenJazz1978
Bohemian RhapsodyQueenA Night at the Opera [Bonus Tracks]1991
Don't Stop Me NowQueenJazz2004
Fat Bottomed GirlsQueenJazz1978
Hammer To FallQueenGreatest Hits II1991
One VisionQueenA Kind of Magic1986
Princes of the UniverseQueenA Kind of Magic1986
Radio Ga GaQueenGreatest Hits II1991
Somebody to LoveQueenA Day at the Races1976
Who Wants to Live ForeverQueenGreatest Hits II1991
Another Rainy Night (Without You)QueensrÿcheEmpire1990
Silent LucidityQueensrÿcheEmpire1990
Cum on Feel the NoizeQuiet RiotMetal Health1983
The One I LoveR.E.MDocument1987
Losing My ReligionR.E.M.Out of Time1991
WildflowersRamarZoids OST1999
Du HastRammsteinSehnsucht1997
Stickerbrush SymphonyRandy Chunga2010
Get ReadyRare EarthGet Ready1969
Bird PriestRatatatLP32008
Black HeroesRatatatLP32008
Breaking AwayRatatatRatatat2004
Desert EagleRatatatRatatat2004
El PicoRatatatRatatat2004
Falcon JabRatatatLP32008
FiveRatatat9 Beats2006
FourRatatat9 Beats2006
Germany to GermanyRatatatRatatat2004
Gipsy ThreatRatatatLP32008
Loud PipesRatatatClassics2006
Mi ViejoRatatatLP32008
Mumtaz KhanRatatatLP32008
NineRatatat9 Beats2006
OneRatatat9 Beats2006
SevenRatatat9 Beats2006
Seventeen YearsRatatatRatatat2004
SixRatatat9 Beats2006
Spanish ArmadaRatatatRatatat2004
Tacobel CanonRatatatClassics2006
ThreeRatatat9 Beats2006
TwoRatatat9 Beats2006
Back for MoreRattRatt & Roll 81911991
Body TalkRattRatt & Roll 81911991
Givin' Yourself AwayRattRatt & Roll 81911991
Heads I Win, Tails You LoseRattRatt & Roll 81911991
I Want a WomanRattRatt & Roll 81911991
Lovin' You's a Dirty JobRattRatt & Roll 81911991
Nobody Rides for FreeRattRatt & Roll 81911991
One Step AwayRattRatt & Roll 81911991
Round and RoundRattRatt & Roll 81911991
Shame Shame ShameRattRatt & Roll 81911991
Send Me an AngelReal LifeHeartland1983
21st CenturyRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Animal BarRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
C'mon GirlRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
CalifornicationRed Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication1999
CharlieRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium2006
Dani CaliforniaRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Death of a MartianRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Desecration SmileRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
EasilyRed Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication1999
Especially in MichiganRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Hard To ConcentrateRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium2006
I Like DirtRed Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication1999
IfRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
ReadymadeRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
She Looks To MeRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium2006
She's Only 18Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Slow CheetahRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Snow (Hey-Oh)Red Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
So Much IRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Stadium ArcadiumRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Storm In A TeacupRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium2006
Tell Me BabyRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Torture MeRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Turn it AgainRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
We BelieveRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Wet SandRed Hot Chili PeppersStadium Arcadium
Cotton Eye JoeRednexSex & Violins1995
Old Pop in an OakRednexSex & Violins1995
The Spirit of the Hawk (F.A.F. Radio mix)Rednex...Farm Out!2000
Wish You Were HereRednexSex & Violins1995
Star Wars Heroes' ThemeRenegades of Phunk
Keep on Loving YouREO SpeedwagonHi Infidelity1980
AmauroteRicardo AutobahnInterrobang2007
Beep BeepRicardo AutobahnInterrobang2007
Bouncing Through LifeRicardo AutobahnInterrobang2007
Grand Pacific SkiesRicardo AutobahnInterrobang2007
Pine Like a ConeRicardo AutobahnInterrobang2007
Radiophonic ManRicardo AutobahnInterrobang2007
Sci Fi ReligionsRicardo AutobahnInterrobang2007
The Midwinter BonfireRicardo AutobahnInterrobang2007
Super FreakRick JamesStreet Songs1981
I've Done Everything for YouRick SpringfieldWorking Class Dog1981
Shut Up and DriveRihannaWreck-It Ralph2012
ChateauRob DouganThe Matrix Reloaded: The Album2003
Clubbed To DeathRob DouganFurious Angels2002
Living Dead GirlRob ZombieHellbilly Deluxe1998
ChildrenRobert MilesDreamland1996
FreedomRobert Miles23 AM1997
Make That Money [Roxbury Remix]Robi-Rob's ClubworldNight at the Roxbury1998
Somebody's Watching MeRockwellSomebody's Watching Me1984
Time WarpRocky Horror Picture Show CastThe Rocky Horror Picture Show1975
Rhythm of My HeartRod StewartVagabond Heart1991
Young TurksRod StewartStoryteller1981
AlbanyRoger WhittakerThe Best of Roger Whittaker: Original Hits1982
Durham Town (The Leavin')Roger WhittakerAlles Roger!1996
Listen To Your HeartRoxetteThe Ballad Hits [Bonus Disc] Disc 12002
DrivenRushTest for Echo1996
Test for EchoRushTest for Echo1996
Tom SawyerRushMoving Pictures1981
Working ManRushRush1974
Sholazar Basin ThemeRussell BrowerWorld of Warcraft2008
On The Way DownRyan CabreraUnknown Album (10/5/2007 11:18:29 PM)
Zelda 64 SoSSAiNT 420OCRemix2003
LatelySamantha MumbaGotta Tell You2000
Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)Scatman JohnScatman's World1999
Crossfire/Prologue /Crossfire [Midnight in Moscow][Instrumental]ScorpionsMoment of Glory2000
Deadly Sting Suite/He's a Woman, Shes a Man/Dynamite [Instrumental]ScorpionsMoment of Glory2000
Don't Believe HerScorpionsCrazy World1990
Hurricane 2000ScorpionsMoment of Glory2000
Lust or LoveScorpionsCrazy World1990
Moment of GloryScorpionsMoment of Glory2000
Restless NightsScorpionsCrazy World1990
Send Me an AngelScorpionsMoment of Glory2000
Send Me an AngelScorpionsCrazy World1990
Still Loving YouScorpionsMoment of Glory2000
Tease Me Please MeScorpionsCrazy World1990
To Be with You in HeavenScorpionsCrazy World1990
Wind of ChangeScorpionsMoment of Glory2000
Wind of ChangeScorpionsCrazy World1990
Pilotwings 64 Birdman ClearSkiesScott PeeplesOCRemix2000
BrokenSeetherThe Punisher: The Album2004
I'm Not Your Friend, Buddy (feat. Terrance and Phillip vs Mr. Abootman)Self-XTurn It Up2007
All Worked OutSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
CaliforniaSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
Closing TimeSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
Completely PleasedSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
DNDSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
Gone to the MoviesSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
Made to LastSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
Never You MindSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
Secret SmileSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
She Spreads Her WingsSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
Singing in My SleepSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
This Will Be My YearSemisonicFeeling Strangely Fine1998
Can't Be SavedSenses FailStill Searching2006
The Four PetersSeth MacFarlane1994
See and BelieveSevendustNext2005
Shadows in RedSevendustNext2005
FaithlessShattersphereIn The Face Of Anger
LoadedShattersphereEyes of Infliction
The Last WalkShattersphereEyes of Infliction
Sunny Came HomeShawn ColvinA Few Small Repairs1997
Theme from M*A*S*H (Suicide Is Painless)Show ThemesM*A*S*H* (Soundtrack)1980
Turn It Up!Silver
Ain't Comin' HomeSilvertideShow & Tell2004
Blue JeansSilvertideShow & Tell2004
California RainSilvertideShow & Tell2004
Devil's DaughterSilvertideShow & Tell2004
Foxhole J.C.SilvertideShow & Tell2004
HeartstrongSilvertideShow & Tell2004
Mary JayneSilvertideShow & Tell2004
Nothing StaysSilvertideShow & Tell2004
S.F.C.SilvertideShow & Tell2004
To See Where I HideSilvertideShow & Tell2004
You Want It AllSilvertideShow & Tell2004
Scarborough Fair/CanticleSimon & GarfunkelParsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme1966
Youth Gone WildSkid RowSkid Row1989
I'm a BelieverSmashmouthSmash Mouth [Australia Bonus Tracks]2002
The PowerSnap!World Power1990
Driver's SeatSniff 'n' The TearsFickle Heart1978
Ring of FireSocial DistortionSocial Distortion1990
XP SoundsSomethingUnreal2007
Passion for exploringSouleyePPPPPP - The VVVVVV Soundtrack2010
Pipe dreamSouleyePPPPPP - The VVVVVV Soundtrack2010
Popular potpourriSouleyePPPPPP - The VVVVVV Soundtrack2010
Potential for anythingSouleyePPPPPP - The VVVVVV Soundtrack2010
Predestined fateSouleyePPPPPP - The VVVVVV Soundtrack2010
Pushing onwardsSouleyePPPPPP - The VVVVVV Soundtrack2010
Black Hole SunSoundgardenSuperunknown1994
Two PrincesSpin DoctorsPocket Full of Kryptonite1991
FFX Run!SquareFinal Fantasy X Original Soundtrack2001
OtherworldSquareFinal Fantasy X: Original Soundtrack2001
Techno de ChocoboSquareFinal Fantasy VI: Original Sound Version1994
It's Been AwhileStaindThe Singles 1996-20062001
Chrono Trigger Black Wind RisingStar SalzmanOCRemix
Chrono Trigger Forever Until TomorrowStar SalzmanOCRemix2007
We Built This CityStarshipKnee Deep in the Hoopla1985
Black FridaySteely DanA Decade of Steely Dan1985
BodhisattvaSteely DanA Decade of Steely Dan1985
Deacon BluesSteely DanA Decade of Steely Dan1985
The MistStephen KingThe Mist1994
Blast Corps FasterStephen MalcolmOCRemix2002
Magic Carpet RideSteppenwolf16 Greatest Hits1973
Dance, Dance, DanceSteve Miller BandGreatest Hits 1974-19781978
Fly Like an EagleSteve Miller BandGreatest Hits 1974-19781978
Jet AirlinerSteve Miller BandGreatest Hits 1974-19781978
SwingtownSteve Miller BandBook of Dreams1977
The JokerSteve Miller BandGreatest Hits 1974-19781978
Winter TimeSteve Miller BandGreatest Hits 1974-19781978
Rap ChopSteve Porter2009
Part-Time LoverStevie WonderIn Square Circle1985
Pastime ParadiseStevie WonderSongs in the Key of Life1976
Desert RoseStingBrand New Day1999
Dead and BloatedStone Temple PilotsCore1992
Interstate Love SongStone Temple PilotsPurple1994
PlushStone Temple PilotsCore1992
Sex Type ThingStone Temple PilotsCore1992
VasolineStone Temple PilotsPurple1994
Wicked GardenStone Temple PilotsCore1992
AfricaStraight No ChaserWith a Twist2010
Fix YouStraight No ChaserWith a Twist2010
I'm Yours/Somewhere Over the RainbowStraight No ChaserWith a Twist2010
The 12 Days of ChristmasStraight No ChaserChristmas Cheers2009
Back to ChicagoStyxEdge of the Century1990
Best New FaceStyxBrave New World1999
Blue Collar ManStyxGreatest Hits1995
Boat on the RiverStyxCornerstone1979
Borrowed TimeStyxCornerstone1979
Brave New WorldStyxBrave New World1999
Brave New World (Reprise)StyxBrave New World1999
Carrie AnnStyxEdge of the Century1990
Come Sail AwayStyxGreatest Hits1995
Crystal BallStyxGreatest Hits1995
Edge of the CenturyStyxEdge of the Century1990
Everything is CoolStyxBrave New World1999
Fallen AngelStyxBrave New World1999
First TimeStyxCornerstone1979
Fooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)StyxGreatest Hits1995
Great ExpectationsStyxBrave New World1999
Heavy WaterStyxBrave New World1999
High Crimes & Misdemeanors (Hip Hop-Cracy)StyxBrave New World1999
HomewreckerStyxEdge of the Century1990
I Will be Your WitnessStyxBrave New World1999
It Takes LoveStyxStyx - Greatest Hits Part 21996
Just Fell InStyxBrave New World1999
Lady '95StyxGreatest Hits1995
Light UpStyxEquinox1975
LoreleiStyxGreatest Hits1995
Love at First SightStyxPieces of Eight1978
Love is the RitualStyxEdge of the Century1990
Miss AmericaStyxGreatest Hits1995
Mr. RobotoStyxGreatest Hits1995
Not Dead YetStyxEdge of the Century1990
Number OneStyxBrave New World1999
Queen of SpadesStyxPieces of Eight1978
RenegadeStyxGreatest Hits1995
Rockin' the ParadiseStyxParadise Theater1981
Show Me the WayStyxGreatest Hits1995
Sing for the DayStyxPieces of Eight1978
SnowblindStyxParadise Theater1981
Suite Madame BlueStyxGreatest Hits1995
SuperstarsStyxThe Grand Illusion1977
The Best of TimesStyxGreatest Hits1995
The Grand IllusionStyxGreatest Hits1995
Too Much Time on My HandsStyxGreatest Hits1995
What Have They Done to YouStyxBrave New World1999
While There's Still TimeStyxBrave New World1999
World ToniteStyxEdge of the Century1990
Eye of the TigerSurviorGreatest Hits1993
Fox on the RunSweetDesolation Boulevard1974
Hell RaiserSweetThe Sweet1973
Love Is Like OxygenSweetLevel Headed1978
The Six TeensSweetDesolation Boulevard1974
Turn It DownSweetDesolation Boulevard1974
Chop Suey!System of a DownToxicity2001
All The Things She Saidt.A.T.u.200 km/h in the Wrong Lane2002
My Foolish FriendTalk TalkNatural History: The Very Best Of Talk Talk1984
Everybody Wants to Rule the WorldTears for FearsSongs from the Big Chair1985
Pale ShelterTears for FearsThe Hurting1983
ShoutTears for FearsSongs from the Big Chair1985
Fred BearTed NugentSpirit of the Wild1995
Cumin' Atcha LiveTeslaMechanical Resonance1986
Love SongTeslaThe Great Radio Controversy1989
Signs [Live]TeslaTime's Makin Changes: The Best of Tesla1995
Damned If I DoThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Best of the Alan Parsons Project [Arista 1983]2004
Eye in the SkyThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Best of the Alan Parsons Project [Arista 1983]1983
Games People PlayThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Best of the Alan Parsons Project [Arista 1983]1983
Lucifer [Instrumental]The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Best of the Alan Parsons Project [Arista 1983]1983
Old and WiseThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Best of the Alan Parsons Project [Arista 1983]1983
PsychobabbleThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Best of the Alan Parsons Project [Arista 1983]1983
PyramaniaThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Best of the Alan Parsons Project [Arista 1983]1983
SiriusThe Alan Parsons ProjectEye in the Sky1982
TimeThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Best of the Alan Parsons Project [Arista 1983]1983
You Don't BelieveThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Best of the Alan Parsons Project [Arista 1983]1983
Ride OnThe AlchemyCeltic Panpipes
The Flight of the EarlsThe AlchemyCeltic Panpipes
The Lonesome BoatmanThe AlchemyCeltic Panpipes
House of the Rising SunThe AnimalsThe Animals1964
Carrot Juice Is MurderThe Arrogant WormsLive Bait1997
Gaelic SongThe Arrogant WormsDirt!1999
Hollywood GirlThe Arrogant WormsTorpid2008
HorizonThe Arrogant WormsC'est Cheese1995
I Am CowThe Arrogant WormsDirt!1999
I Ran AwayThe Arrogant WormsIdiot Road2001
Kill the Dog Next DoorThe Arrogant WormsC'est Cheese1995
OvertureThe Arrogant WormsSemi-Conducted2003
Proud To Be CanadianThe Arrogant WormsLive Bait1997
The Ballad of DanThe Arrogant WormsLive Bait1997
The Guy with Computer Know-HowThe Arrogant WormsBeige2006
The Last Saskatchewan PirateThe Arrogant WormsLive Bait1997
The Mountie SongThe Arrogant WormsLive Bait1997
Hazy Shade of WinterThe BanglesLess Than Zero Soundtrack1987
Walk Like an EgyptianThe BanglesDifferent Light1985
Wouldn't It Be NiceThe Beach BoysPet Sounds1966
Stayin' AliveThe Bee GeesSaturday Night Fever1977
Battle SceneThe Black MagesThe Black Mages2003
Matoya's CaveThe Black MagesThe Black Mages II: The Skies Above2004
Opening ~ Bombing MissionThe Black MagesThe Black Mages III: Darkness and Starlight2008
The Rocking GroundsThe Black MagesThe Black Mages II: The Skies Above2004
Video Killed The Radio StarThe BugglesThe Age of Plastic1980
Just What I NeededThe CarsRock This2002
Witch DoctorThe CartoonsToonage1998
TequilaThe Champs1958
The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)The ChipmunksDr. Demento Presents: Greatest Xmas Novelty CD1989
Rock the CasbahThe ClashCombat Rock1982
She Sells SanctuaryThe CultLove1985
Life in a Northern TownThe Dream AcademyThe Dream Academy1985
How to Save a LifeThe FrayHow to Save a Life2005
Palace of the InnocentsThe Glitch MobWe Can Make the World Stop2011
Warrior ConcertoThe Glitch MobWe Can Make the World Stop2011
We Can Make the World StopThe Glitch MobWe Can Make the World Stop2011
VacationThe Go-Go'sVacation1982
Backin Up SongThe Gregory Brothers2010
(Keep Feeling) FascinationThe Human LeagueFascination!1983
CenterfoldThe J. Geils BandFreeze Frame1981
Come DancingThe KinksState of Confusion2002
I Just Had SexThe Lonely IslandTurtleneck & Chain2011
I'm on a BoatThe Lonely IslandIncredibad2009
Jack SparrowThe Lonely IslandTurtleneck & Chain2011
Jizz in My PantsThe Lonely IslandIncredibad2009
Like a BossThe Lonely IslandIncredibad2009
California Dreamin'The Mamas & The PapasIf You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears1965
Your Wildest DreamsThe Moody BluesThe Other Side of Life1986
Full Thunder MoonThe New AmsterdamsKilled Or Cured2007
Heaven SentThe New AmsterdamsKilled Or Cured2007
Maybe I'm A FoolThe New AmsterdamsKilled Or Cured2007
Watch The World Cave InThe New AmsterdamsKilled Or Cured2007
Wears So ThinThe New AmsterdamsKilled Or Cured2007
Your Red HandThe New AmsterdamsKilled Or Cured2007
Love TrainThe O'JaysBack Stabbers1972
Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)The OffspringAmericana1998
The Kids Aren't AlrightThe OffspringAmericana1998
Cleveland RocksThe Presidents of the USAPure Frosting1998
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)The ProclaimersSunshine on Leith1988
Back in the PictureThe RasmusDead Letters2003
BulletThe RasmusInto2001
ChillThe RasmusInto2001
Dangerous KindThe RasmusBlack Roses2008
Don't Let GoThe RasmusHide from the Sun2005
F-F-F-FallingThe RasmusInto2001
First Day of My LifeThe RasmusDead Letters2003
Ghost of LoveThe RasmusBlack Roses2008
GhostbustersThe RasmusPeep1996
HeartbreakerThe RasmusInto2001
In My LifeThe RasmusDead Letters2003
In the ShadowsThe RasmusDead Letters2003
In the Shadows (Meadows Remix)The RasmusDead Letters2003
JailerThe RasmusPlayboys1997
JustifyThe RasmusBlack Roses2008
Live ForeverThe RasmusBlack Roses2008
Livin' in a World Without YouThe RasmusBlack Roses2008
Lucifer's AngelThe RasmusHide from the Sun2005
Man in the StreetThe RasmusHell of a Tester1998
Night After Night (Out of the Shadows)The RasmusHide from the Sun2005
No FearThe RasmusHide from the Sun2005
Not Like the Other GirlsThe RasmusDead Letters2003
Run to YouThe RasmusBlack Roses2008
Sail AwayThe RasmusHide from the Sun2005
Still StandingThe RasmusDead Letters2003
TempoThe RasmusHell of a Tester1998
Ten Black RosesThe RasmusBlack Roses2008
The FightThe RasmusBlack Roses2008
The One I LoveThe RasmusDead Letters2003
Your ForgivenessThe RasmusBlack Roses2008
You Can't Always Get What You WantThe Rolling StonesLet It Bleed1969
Bullet with Butterfly WingsThe Smashing PumpkinsMellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness1995
Flowers on the WallThe Statler BrothersFlowers on the Wall1966
Happy TogetherThe TurtlesHappy Together1967
Turning JapaneseThe VaporsNew Clear Days1980
Bitter Sweet SymphonyThe VerveUrban Hymns1997
YMCAThe Village PeopleCruisin'1978
One HeadlightThe WallflowersBringing Down the Horse1997
It's Raining MenThe Weather GirlsSuccess1983
And the Beat Goes OnThe WhispersAnd the Beat Goes On1980
Baba O' RileyThe WhoWho's Next1971
Pinball WizardThe WhoLive at the Royal Albert Hall2003
Pinball WizardThe WhoTommy1969
Who Are YouThe WhoWho Are You1978
Won't Get Fooled AgainThe WhoWho's Next [Bonus Tracks]1971
Super Mario 64 PearlSongThe WinglessOCRemix2003
The Combine Harvester (Brand New Key)The WurzelsAdge Cutler & The Wurzels1976
Pressure PointThe ZutonsWho Killed...... The Zutons?2004
Ain't itThey Might Be GiantsA User's Guide to They Might Be Giants2005
Ana NgThey Might Be GiantsLincoln1988
Birdhouse in Your SoulThey Might Be GiantsA User's Guide to They Might Be Giants2005
Don't Let's StartThey Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants1986
JessicaThey Might Be GiantsWhy Does the Sun Shine? [EP]1994
LetterboxThey Might Be GiantsFlood1990
Man, It's So Loud in HereThey Might Be GiantsMink Car2001
Meet James EnsorThey Might Be GiantsA User's Guide to They Might Be Giants2005
No One Knows My PlanThey Might Be GiantsJohn Henry1994
Particle ManThey Might Be GiantsA User's Guide to They Might Be Giants2005
Someone Keeps Moving My ChairThey Might Be GiantsFlood1990
They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be GiantsFlood1990
We Want a RockThey Might Be GiantsFlood1990
Why Does the Sun Really Shine?They Might Be GiantsHere Comes Science2009
JumperThird Eye BlindThird Eye Blind1997
Semi-Charmed LifeThird Eye BlindThird Eye Blind1997
Hyperactive!Thomas DolbyThe Flat Earth1984
She Blinded Me With ScienceThomas DolbyBlinded by Science1982
Hold Me NowThompson TwinsInto the Gap1984
Born Like ThisThree Days GraceThree Days Grace2003
BurnThree Days GraceThree Days Grace2003
DrownThree Days GraceThree Days Grace2003
HomeThree Days GraceThree Days Grace2003
I Hate Everything About YouThree Days GraceThree Days Grace2003
Just Like YouThree Days GraceThree Days Grace2003
Now or NeverThree Days GraceThree Days Grace2003
OverratedThree Days GraceThree Days Grace2003
PainThree Days GraceOne X2006
Take Me UnderThree Days GraceThree Days Grace2003
Wake UpThree Days GraceThree Days Grace2003
Black and WhiteThree Dog NightSeven Separate Fools1972
Joy to the WorldThree Dog NightNaturally1970
OneThree Dog NightThree Dog Night1968
Break My FallTiëstoElements of Life2007
I Think We're Alone NowTiffanyHits - 19871987
Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' In The MoonlightTiny TimGod Bless Tiny Tim1968
Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than MeTISMThe White Albun2004
Beer for My HorsesToby KeithUnleashed2002
I Won't Back DownTom PettyFull Moon Fever1989
Runnin' Down a DreamTom PettyFull Moon Fever1989
You Don't Know How It FeelsTom PettyWildflowers1994
867-5309/JennyTommy TutoneTommy Tutone 21981
AfricaTotoToto IV1982
Hold the LineTotoToto1978
Across the LinesTracy ChapmanTracy Chapman1990
Baby Can I Hold YouTracy ChapmanTracy Chapman1990
Fast CarTracy ChapmanTracy Chapman1990
For My LoverTracy ChapmanTracy Chapman1990
If Not Now...Tracy ChapmanTracy Chapman1990
Mountains O' ThingsTracy ChapmanTracy Chapman1990
Talkin' 'bout a RevolutionTracy ChapmanTracy Chapman1990
Why?Tracy ChapmanTracy Chapman1990
WoW Original ThemeTracy W. BushWorld of Warcraft2004
A Mad Russian's ChristmasTrans-Siberian OrchestraChristmas Eve and Other Stories1996
Another Way You Can DieTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
Back To A Reason (Part II)Trans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
BelieveTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
Carmina BuranaTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
Childhood DreamsTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
Christmas Canon RockTrans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
Christmas DreamsTrans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24Trans-Siberian OrchestraChristmas Eve and Other Stories1996
Christmas JamTrans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
Christmas JazzTrans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
Dreams We ConceiveTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
EmbersTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
EpiphanyTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
Faith NoelTrans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
Father, Son & Holy GhostTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
First SnowTrans-Siberian OrchestraChristmas Eve and Other Stories1996
Moonlight and MadnessTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
Mozart and MemoriesTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
Night CastleTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
Night EnchantedTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
NutrockerTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
Queen Of The Winter NightTrans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
Siberian Sleigh RideTrans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
SparksTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
The Lion's RoarTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
The Lost Christmas EveTrans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
The MountainTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
The Safest Way Into TomorrowTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
The Safest Way Into Tomorrow (Reprise)Trans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
The Wisdom Of SnowTrans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
There Was a LifeTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
Time Floats OnTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
Toccata - Carpimus NoctemTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
TracersTrans-Siberian OrchestraNight Castle2009
What Child Is This?Trans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
What Is Christmas ?Trans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)Trans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
Wizards in Winter [Instrumental]Trans-Siberian OrchestraThe Lost Christmas Eve2004
Let's GoTrick DaddyThug Matrimony: Married to the Streets2004
Donkey Kong Country Flying with the FunkTweekOCRemix2009
Burn in HellTwisted SisterStay Hungry1984
I Wanna RockTwisted SisterStay Hungry1984
We're Not Gonna Take ItTwisted SisterStay Hungry1984
Chrono Trigger PredeterminationTyler HeathOCRemix
Zelda 64 A Storm in the DesertTyler HeathOCRemix2004
Chrono Trigger When All Hope Has FadedTyler Heath, zirconOCRemix
Haunted (PSX Mix)Type O NegativeDescent Playstation Soundtrack1996
Red Red WineUB40Labour of Love1983
Band Land - High NotesUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Band Land - Mr. Sax's HullabalooUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Blue Mountains - The Hard RocksUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Blue Mountains - Twilight GulchUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Candy Chateau - Mr. DarkUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Cave of Skops - Crystal PalaceUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Cave of Skops - DolphinsUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Cave of Skops - Eat at Joe'sUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Cave of Skops - Mr. SkopsUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Cave of Skops - The Cave of the SkopsUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Dream Forest - Mosquito's NestUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Dream Forest - MosquitoesUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Dream Forest - Pink Plant WoodsUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Dream Forest - Rising WatersUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Dream Forest - The JungleUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Dream Forest - The Mad RaceUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Dream Forest - The Swamps of ForgetfulnessUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Picture City - Eraser PlainsUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Picture City - Pencil PentathlonUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Picture City - Space MamaUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Picture City - Writer's WaltzUbisoftRayman Soundtrack1995
Cat's in the CradleUgly Kid JoeAmerica's Least Wanted1992
Everything About YouUgly Kid JoeAs Ugly as They Wanna Be1992
Drift AwayUncle KrackerNo Stranger to Shame2002
Follow MeUncle KrackerDouble Wide2001
Donkey Kong CreditsUnknown
FaucetUnknownHolophonic Sounds
Fix It (Remix)UnknownN/A
Folgers Theme SongUnknown
Gotta QueixadaUnknownN/A2011
Naboo Romance ThemeUnknown
Surround Sound - SecretsUnknown
Yellow Tinker/Lady MontgomeryUnknownTreasures of Irish Music1995
BruisesUnlocoBecoming i2003
4000 Degrees KelvinValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Abandoned In PlaceValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Disrupted OriginalValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Eon TrapValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Guard DownValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Hunting PartyValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Last LegsValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
No One Rides For FreeValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Path of Borealis (Remix)ValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
PenultimatumValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Playing With DangerValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Rocket Jump WaltzValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Sector SweepValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Self DestructionValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Still AliveValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Subject Name HereValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
The Art of WarValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Vortal CombatValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
What Kind Of Hospital Is ThisValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
You Can't Escape You KnowValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
You're Not A Good PersonValveThe Orange Box (Original Soundtrack)2007
Breath of Fire Flames of ValorVampire Hunter DanOCRemix2003
Cutting EdgeVan Dyke ParksThe Brave Little Toaster Soundtrack1987
It's a B-MovieVan Dyke ParksThe Brave Little Toaster Soundtrack1987
WorthlessVan Dyke ParksThe Brave Little Toaster Soundtrack1987
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout LoveVan HalenVan Halen1978
Atomic PunkVan HalenVan Halen1978
JumpVan Halen19841984
Runnin' With the DevilVan HalenVan Halen1978
You Really Got MeVan HalenVan Halen1978
Classical GasVanessa MaeThe Violin Player1995
Donkey Kong Country Beneath the SurfaceVigilanteOCRemix2004
Minecraft EverydayViktor Cepeda2010
Minecraft Everyday (Acoustic)Viktor Cepeda2010
Blast Off ForeverVirt2007
Love Foolosophy ChipVirt2007
Staring At My SpaceshipVirt2006
Trip Through the Grand CanyonVirtVirt2006
Chapter VII: Versions of the SameVision DivineStream of Conscioucness2004
Chapter XI: Fool's Garden (Instrumental)Vision DivineStream of Conscioucness2004
Chapter XIII: Out of the MazeVision DivineStream of Conscioucness2004
Graduation (Friends Forever)Vitamin CVitamin C1999
A Fifth of BeethovenWalter MurphySaturday Night Fever1979
Low RiderWarWhy Can't We Be Friends?1975
Down BoysWarrantDirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
HeavenWarrantDirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich1989
I Saw RedWarrantCherry Pie1990
Uncle Tom's CabinWarrantCherry Pie1990
Werewolves of LondonWarren ZevonExcitable Boy1978
Walk The DinosaurWas (Not Was)What up, Dog?1987
A Slight DelayWayne LytleAnimusic2002
Acoustic CurvesWayne LytleAnimusic2004
Aqua HarpWayne LytleAnimusic2004
Beyond the WallsWayne LytleAnimusic2004
Cathedral PicturesWayne LytleAnimusic 22005
Drum MachineWayne LytleAnimusic2004
Fiber BundlesWayne LytleAnimusic 22005
Future RetroWayne LytleAnimusic2004
Gyro DrumsWayne LytleAnimusic 22005
Harmonic VoltageWayne LytleAnimusic2004
Heavy LightWayne LytleAnimusic 22005
Pipe DreamWayne LytleAnimusic2004
Pipe Dream 2Wayne LytleAnimusic 22005
Pogo SticksWayne LytleAnimusic 22005
Resonant ChamberWayne LytleAnimusic 22005
Seventh AlloyWayne LytleAnimusic2002
Starship GrooveWayne LytleAnimusic 22005
Stick FiguresWayne LytleAnimusic2004
The HarvesterWayne LytleAnimusic2002
Here I Go AgainWhitesnakeWhitesnake1987
Play That Funky MusicWild CherryWild Cherry1976
Gettin' Jiggy Wit ItWill SmithBig Willie Style1997
Wild Wild WestWill SmithWillennium1999
Will 2KWill SmithWillennium1999
Joker & The ThiefWolfmotherWolfmother2005
Love TrainWolfmotherWolfmother2005
Where Eagles Have BeenWolfmotherWolfmother2005
White UnicornWolfmotherWolfmother2005
Don't Stop The MusicYarbrough & PeoplesTwo of Us1980
Owner of a Lonely HeartYes901251983
Before DawnYuki Kajiura.hack//SIGN - Original Soundtrack 12002
In the Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)Zager & Evans2525 (Exodium & Terminus)1969
The Lonely ShepherdZamfirKill Bill Vol. 1 Original Soundtrack2003
Chrono Trigger & Xenogears DownwindZiwtraOCRemix2002
LegsZZ TopGreatest Hits1985