This tool displays the various damage breakpoints required to reduce shots-to-kill on the most common enemies in PAYDAY 2.

Don't sacrifice other stats to raise damage unless you can raise it to the next breakpoint.

For example, on non-DW with the headshot bonus, at 20 damage you can kill a sniper in two shots. At 25 damage, you can now kill an FBI in two shots. You do not want to equip a mod that decreases accuracy if it only increases the weapon's damage from 20 to 24, since you won't reduce any shots to kill by doing so. But it would be worth it if it raised the damage to 25, since that grants you an increase in efficiency.

Note: Murkywater soldiers are identical to GenSec Elites (Death Wish) or Greens (Non-DW). Guards are identical to Cops.

Warning: Damage values on weapons in the PAYDAY 2 UI are rounded! E.g., if your weapon displays 38 damage, it probably only deals 37.5 damage per shot. To see accurate damage values, check out the Better Weapon Stats GUI mod by KarateF22.

Updated October 12, 2015: Improved visual style; no longer rounding most things for greater accuracy.