Our Trebuchet Journal

Group members:

Click on each picture for a much larger version

Day One

In which the boards are cut...

Here are our original plans, which we modified a little to fit our needs. Image
These are some of the boards we used to build our trebuchet. Image
Laying out the pieces. Image

Day Two

In which The base is assembled...

Here we are assembling the vertical supports. Image
Here we are a little further along in assembly. Image
Attaching the four diagonal supports. Image
Finally, the base is completely done. Image

Day Three

In which we build the arm...

Laying out the arm boards. Image
Here Chris is marking where our hole needs to be drilled. Image
Drilling the hole... Image
...still drilling the hole (it took five minutes to drill through these boards). Image
Here we are attaching our couterweight (128 pounds) to the end of the arm. Image

Day Four

In which we build the sling and the release...

Here you can see the whole arm, with couterweight and sling attached. Image

Day Five

In which we test out the final product...

This is when we attached the arm to the base and swung it around a few times. Image

Day Six

In which we are finally done...

This is after we attached the trebuchet to our trailer. Image
And finally, after six days of hard work, here is the trebuchet locked and ready to fire.
See it in action here(13MB .mov), here(5MB), and here(6MB).