I found a very nice list of hard-to-find quests in WoW here, but I decided it could use a face lift. So I reformatted it into a much more usable guide. Currently this is for Alliance only (though a few of the quests can be done by Horde).

The list itself belongs to the original poster.

As of Cataclysm, the vast majority of these quests don't exist anymore. Sorry!

Kalimdor Eastern Kingdoms



Find this cat to escort at the back of one of the harpy camps.


One Shot, One Kill

In the hills in the far south of Darkshore. (NOTE: the time between waves is REALLY long (like two minutes) and you have to wait a minute after killing the named mob before getting credit. Just be patient.


The Howling Vale

This long questline that starts in Ashenvale leads to Darkshire and explains the Worgen there.

Stonetalon Mountains

Ziz Fizzik's quests

In a hut SW of Windshear Crag

Gerenzo's Orders

Off the road, above Ziz Fizzik's hut


Claim Rackmore's Treasure!

Starts at a book among some wreckage on the shore, next to a chest for an Alliance quest

Azore Aldamort's quests

Just north of tower overlooking the ocean. Aside from 1 BFD quest, the only Argent Dawn rep before level 50.

Gizelton Caravan

This is a quest to escort a caravan along the road. You can do this quest 3 times at 3 different spots along the road. His bots (http://thottbot.com/?n=94036 http://thottbot.com/?n=95337) also sell some hard to find recipes between escorts.

Galen's Escape

He is in a cage on the east side of the hostile Draenai camp.

Get Me Out of Here!

She is in a basket next to a tent in north part of Maraudon camp.

Ghost-o-plasm Round Up

Good to do while doing the SM prep quest.

The Pariahs Instructions

He wanders south of Mannoroc Coven.

Shadowshard Fragments

Starts at the top of the tower in Theramore for Alliance (If you don't see Tervosh there, wait a few minutes, he should be back soon).


Deviate Hides

Gotten in a small cave above Wailing Caverns, slightly tricky to get to.

Dustwallow Marsh

'Swamp Eye' Jarl's quests

His house is a on the right side of road a ways out of Theramore. Bring 3 soothing spices with you.

Stinky's Escape

Escort quest, north of North Point Tower.

The Orc Report

Starts from grave next to 'Swamp Eye' Jarl'.

Thousand Needles

Lonebrow's Journal

Starts at a book in the hand of a corpse near the bottom of The Lift. Leads to Razorfen Kraul.


Doling Justice

AKA 'The Sprite Darter Quest' The elves are on a ledge west of the darter cage. When the quest dead-ends, return to the elves.

The Giant Guardian

Leads to an escort quest. Take her straight east to the road, then follow the road down then back west to the quest end.


Williden's Journal

Starts from a book that drops off just about any creature in Un'Goro.

It's a Secret to Everybody

AKA 'The Zelda Quest' Starts at a wrecked boat not far from Un'Goro entrance. Very long questline.

Finding the Source

Starts at a goblin on the west side of Un'Goro


Kim'jael Indeed!

He is at the top of a large hill in northern Azshara, near a satyr camp.

Stormers and Rumblers

Questline starts from a water elemental lord on an island in SE Azshara. It eventually leads to Molten Core. There are faction requirements for some of the quests.


Brann Bronzebeard's Lost Letter

Letter drops off any of the bugs in Silithus, including the non-elites from killing the druids. Easy 8300 exp if you aren't 60 yet.


Ship Schedules

Starts from item from the footlockers that drop off pirates.

Tooga's Quest

Escort quest. He wanders around SW Tanaris. He follows you, so you can mount up and lead him fairly fast across the desert. Just be sure to not get too far ahead.

Western Plaguelands

Better Late Than Never

Starts in the Felstone farmhouse.

The Wildlife Suffers, Too

Starts at a dying Tauran in a house at Writhing Haunt Farm

Mrs. Dalson's Diary

Starts at a book on the floor of the Dalson barn.

Unfinished Business

She is down a gully east of the lumber mill in north WPL

Mrs. Dalson's Diary

Start by clicking on a diary on the floor of a barn

Eastern Plaguelands

The Lost Tablets of Mosharu

Its a follow up to the Hakkar egg quest in Sunken Temple, you get it from a dwarf in Steamwheedle, it leads to EPL for 2 tablets, then back to steamwheedle, then the next quest goes to LBRS (can only be done 5-man), then talk to a troll nearish the dwarf to get a nice cloak reward.

Augustus' Receipt Book

Starts in a house in Terrordale. Same house as Egan.

Tirion Fordring's quests

He is next to the river on the northern west side of EPL. Long questline, eventually leads to Stratholme and beyond. Nice rewards.

Alterac Mountains

Foreboding Plans

2 quests Start at documents on a table in the Syndicate camp north of Tarren Mill. Min level 27.

Hillsbrad Foothills

Assassin's Contract

Kill shadowy assassins in Southshore to start this quest.

Arathi Highlands

Crystal in the Mountains

Necklace drops off level 30-40 creatures all over. The necklace is wearable and you get to keep it after doing the quest, though it has no vendor value.

Pirate Cove quests

Several quests hidden back in this cove. You can see the boat when you fly north to Southshore.

Sully Balloo's Letter

AKA 'That letter under the Thandol Span'


James Hyal

AKA 'Dustwallow Marsh Inn for alliance'

MacKreel's Moonshine

AKA 'That quest out on the Thandol Span that's a pain in the butt to get to'

Loch Modan

Farstrider Lodge quests

4 quests. Including 2 of the few timed quests in the game. Plenty of time unless there is competition.

Dun Morogh

Hurley Blackbreath

Starts in Kharanos, and an optional pre-quest in Blasted Lands

Tundra MacGrann's Lost Stash

Climb the hill opposite of the yeti's cave to find the quest.

Grime-Encrusted Ring

Random drop off any of the dwarves.


A Sign of Hope

Starts from a piece of paper on the ground at Hammertoe's Digsite in Badlands, long questline, leads to Uldaman.

Searing Gorge


Starts at an outhouse in SE Searing Gorge

The Key to Freedom

Searing Gorge outhouse quest

The Horn of the Beast

AKA 'The Key to SG Quest' Kill a dino in a cave in SE corner to start quest

Suntara Stones

Escort quest starts in pit near the outhouse. Don't forget to pick up the note at end of escort.

Burning Steppes

A Taste of Flames

Can use the molt from the main Searing Gorge quest, or he will summon a drake to be killed.

Elwynn Forest

Mazen's Behest

Starts near Stockades, leads to Swamp of Sorrows.

In Search of The Temple

This questline starts in the bar in the Dwarven district of Stormwind and eventually leads to Sunken Temple.

A Meal Served Cold

Starts at the inn in the mage quarter. Has a timer, but it can be bypassed easily.

Feast At The Blue Recluse

A follow up to Stinky's Escape.

Harlan Needs a Resupply

Starts from a man that wanders around the trade district.

The Collector

Gold Pickup Schedule drops off the Riverpaws in Elwynn

Redridge Mountains

Missing in Action

An escort quest that starts deep inside the orc champion cave

Theocritus' Retrieval

A dropped item that starts a questline


Captain Sander's Treasure Map

Starts from a map that drops from murlocs

Captain Grayson's quests

He is at the lighthouse in southwestern Westfall

Sweet Amber

Semi-long questline that ends with a trinket reward. Starts at dwarf in mountains of southern Westfall.

Furlbrows Deed

Item drops off defias in Elwynn and leads to Westfall


Find a Westfall chicken, then /cluck at it till it talks to you. No, no, you don't look silly...

Red Silk Bandanas

There are several bandana quests, but most people miss this one that starts at the top of the westfall tower


The Weathered Grave

Starts at a grave between the hermit and Sven's camp, outside the graveyard.

Seasoned Wolf Kabobs

Requires Journeyman Cooking to get the quest

An Old History Book

Dropped by most undead, ogres & worgen.

Swamp of Sorrows

Magtoor's quests

He has a quest, and also a wandering creature drops an item that leads to him.

Essence of Eranikus

Starts after killing the final boss dragon in Sunken Temple. Goes several steps, then questline dead-ends.

The Lost Supplies

Repeatable quest to get Stormwind rep.

Watcher Biggs' quests

South of the road before you get to Blasted Lands.

Jammal'an the Prophet

Starts at Atal'ai Exile in Shadra'Alor in Hinterlands and goes to Sunken Temple

Blasted Lands

You are Rahk'likh, Demon

For Alliance starts at top of Nethergarde tower. For Horde starts at Swamp of Sorrows, Blasted Lands border. Very long questline.

Stranglethorn Vale

Jungle Secrets

This quest starts across the road from the northern STV graveyard. You need to be there when the alliance guard gets attacked.

Cortellos Riddle

Starts from a scroll picked up in the ships off the southern tip of STV. It can be in any of the 3 ships.

Message in a Bottle

Open bottles on beach east of Booty bay till you find quest, then swim over to the island.

The Monogrammed Sash

Kill the screaming giant on the island with the huge goblin statue on it. You will get the item to start this quest.

Nat's Measuring Tape

Starts from clicking on a battered tackle box