There are three primary categories of search terms: tags, meta-tags, and orders.


Tags are the most fundamental search terms. They describe the image and what's in it. When searching, tags are separated by spaces. So to search for screenshots containing dogs in snow, search for dog snow. Case does not matter. Words in tags are separated by underscores; for example, twilight_highlands. For a list of all tags in use in the gallery, click here.


Meta-tags are additional data about screenshots, for example tag count, file size, date taken, etc. They are in the format metaname:value. The following meta-tags are available:

id: id:45 ID of the screenshot in the database. Supports range syntax (below).
description: description:stuck The screenshot's description. Matches any part.
date: date:2014-09-29 Date the screenshot was taken. Dates are either in the format yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-mm, yyyy, or a raw 10-digit timestamp. If month or day are omitted, searches entire given year or month. Supports range syntax (below).
version: version:5.0 The version of the game when the screenshot was taken.
desclength: desclength:0 The length of the screenshot's description field. Supports range syntax (below).
filenamelength: filenamelength:15The length of the screenshot's directory and filename. Supports range syntax (below).
tagcount: tagcount:3 How many tags are on the screenshot. Supports range syntax (below).
filesize: filesize:1M File size of the screenshot. 'B' at end is optional (1M and 1MB are both valid and equal). Supports range syntax (below).
filename: filename:img_ Original filename of the screenshot. Matches any part.
hascategory: hascategory:2 Returns posts that have at least one tag from the given category. Mostly for internal use.
width: width:1200 Width of the image.
height: height:768 Height of the image.
ratio: ratio:<1 Aspect ratio of the image. >1 is wide, <1 is tall.
pixels: pixels:<1000000 Number of pixels in the image. Matches any part.
megapixels: megapixels:1.9 Similar to above, but multiplied by a million.

Additionally, the following range formats are available for some meta-tags:

Range SyntaxDescription
5 Equals 5
>5 Greater than 5
5.. Greater than or equal to 5
>=5 Greater than or equal to 5
<5 Less than 5
..5 Less than or equal to 5
<=5 Less than or equal to 5
5..10 Between 5 and 10 (inclusive)


Order tags allow you to sort the search results. You can append '_asc' to any order tag to sort it in reverse. For example, order:id_asc instead of order:id. The following order tags are available:

order:id Order by the screenshots's ID in the database, highest first.
order:date Order by date taken, newest first. Usually very similar results to the above.
order:random Order results randomly.
order:tagcount Order by number of tags, most first
order:filesize Order by file size, largest first.
order:desclengthOrder by length of the description field, widest first.
order:filenamelengthOrder by length of the screenshot's directory and filename, longest first.
order:width Order by width, widest first.
order:height Order by height, tallest first.
order:resolution Order by number of pixels, most first.
order:ratio Order by aspect ratio, widest/shortest first. order:wide and order:tall also work.